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12 Home Parts You Never Knew Had A Name

12 Home Parts You Never Knew Had A Name

As Middle Tennessee real estate and home experts, the LCT Team – Parks have seen so many unusual building elements that we wanted to share 12 home parts you never knew had a name!

Exterior Parts of A House You Never Knew Had A Name


Starting with the charming porte-cochère, this building element originated in the late 17thCentury for carriages. Today, it provides a convenient pass through for cars smartly providing arriving and departing protection from the weather and adds a beautiful building feature.

Porte-Cochere, Legend Homes, Witherspoon, LCT Team - Parks

Source: Legend Homes

Dormer Window

Protruding from the roof of the house with a window, the dormer provides an interesting exterior architectural element and inside can be used as a cozy nook. And, the window in the dormer is called a lucarne.

Dormer Window, LCT Team - Parks


This is such a great what do you call that moment! On the exterior of a home or building, when you add the decorative accent to the corner of a structure, different from the main building product used, this is a quoins. This is done to add a flair or pizazz to the exterior.

Quoins, 2060 Hillsboro Road, LCT Team - Parks

Quoins are formed in the front entry with brick woven into the stone. (Source: LCT Team – Parks)


Have you ever noticed a home having a section which juts out beyond the level below? This is called a jetty!


The fanlight of a home looks exactly like its name. This is a half circular window seen above doors and windows adding an embellishment to a traditional home.

Fanlights, LCT Team -Parks

Interior Parts Of A Home You Never Knew Had A Name!

Oeil-de-boeuf Or Oculus

The oculus, or the French term oeil-de-boeuf, is a small round or oval window which is largely a decorative accent but can add a little light for the home’s interior.

Oculus Window, LCT Team - Parks

Kite Winder

Isn’t kite winder a great term? This refers to the three wedge-shaped stair steps or winders which create a turn without forming a landing.

Kite Winder, Trace Construction, LCT Team - Parks

Work-in-progress shot of a Trace Construction home staircase with the kite winder being the middle section of steps which forms the turn without the use of a landing.

Newel Post

What do you call that big post at the bottom of the staircase? It’s the newel post and builders are using everything from reclaimed wood pieces to a pretty reflection of a home’s trim and woodwork.

Newel Post, LCT Team - Parks


From a home porch to a kitchen island, a corbel technically is considered a load-bearing element to support a structure, although many times it is simply decorative.

Originating in Neolithic times, today, the corbel can be made of a variety of products from wood, metal or stone.

island corbel, LCT Team - Parks

The corbels on this pretty island are decorative as well as load bearing.


Most commonly, you’ve probably seen a portieres used on a porch to provide privacy or sun protection in the form of a pretty Sunbrella drape. These can also be used inside adding definition to a room as in the case below.

Portières, LCT Team - Parks


If you have an attic, the small door in the ceiling which opens up is technically called a scuttle. Who knew?!

Scuttle, LCT Team - Parks

Fireplace Parts

You know the chimney and the hearth, which is technically the noncombustible floor of the fireplace. The hearth today has evolved to describe the area just outside the fire box which can be flushed to the floor or raised providing additional seating. Fun fact, in the Byzantine Empire used to impose a hearth tax on homes with this building element!

The fireplace cheeks are the angled sides of the firebox opening and the inglenook is seating found beside a fireplace.

Finally, the slip is on the inside of the fireplace surround that can be a contrasting element to make the fireplace more interesting.

Fireplace, LCT Team - Parks

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