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6 Work, Home Life Balance Tips During Covid-19

6 Work, Home Life Balance Tips During Covid-19

Balancing work and home life is always challenging particularly in this day and age where the need to home school has been added to the mix. LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas shares a slice of her world balancing her busy real estate business with school deadlines while keeping her family healthy. Here’s a recent video with Amy and her family, accomplished with social distancing.

Set A Routine – Top Tip For Work And Home Life Balance

You’ve probably already figured out when you stop maintaining a routine, bedtimes go crazy, days of the week are forgotten and it impacts everyone’s productivity. I find it manages expectations says Amy, while making the day much less chaotic.

Get School Work Done Early

This seems like an obvious point but kids are great at negotiating. In the long-run, you’ll all be better off getting the school work done early while everyone is fresh, including mom or dad.

Amy Pappas, LCT Team - Parks

Be sure to check your schools various websites to help you navigate working on school from home. “Our Creekside Elementary school has done a great job of keeping us updated,” Amy said. In the Williamson County school district, additional information has been added on virtual field trips from the San Diego Zoo to the Statue of Liberty.

Get The Wiggles Out – Exercise Daily

Amy definitely advises getting the wiggles out for her kiddos but doesn’t this apply to us all? Exercise is a major contributor to helping managing stress for children and adults. Besides a good night’s sleep, exercise is also a top way to boost an immune system.

Here are 7 tips on staying activewhich will also help everyone sleep better at night.

Realtor Amy Pappas and family, LCT Team - Parks

Tag Team Essential

While we all seem to settle into defined roles during stressful periods of time, it is important, when possible, to share the work load with your partner or spouse. “Tag team has been essential for my husband and I in order to get important work calls accomplished,” Amy said.

Work And Home Life Balance Tips, LCT Team - Parks Realty

And, we are still helping people buy and sell homes says Amy. “I just signed an offer on a $1 million plus home where there were a total of four offers. The market is remaining very active with real estate an essential business.”

Here are the latest market reports for Davidson and Williamson Counties. If you’d like more information, click here for info on all contiguous counties.

Foster A Pet

My daughter was very down with school being canceled for the rest of the year. We decided to foster a turtle for the week, says Amy. Puppy and pet adoptions are way up but there is always a need to support your local Animal Shelter. Click here to connect with the LCT Team’s favorite,Snooty Giggles.

Foster A Pet, Work And School Balance, LCT Team - Parks Realty

Have Fun, Give Yourself Grace

Relax and take a breather if you don’t accomplish everything you want in a day. “No one is suppose to be everything at once. Give yourself grace. The number one priority is to have a healthy, happy family at the end of the day,” says Amy.

Schedule A Virtual Tour

There are several great video tours for LCT Team – Parks’ listings we’ve shared them on our YouTube page here including this new one at 9529 Glenfiddich in Brentwood.

If you are contemplating buying, selling or would like to schedule a virtual or in-person tour, contact us today at 615.595.5883. All safety protocol is enforced.

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