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executive chief officer

Raised in the charming town of Portland, Tennessee, where most of her family still resides, Carrie has always been deeply rooted in community and hard work. With an uncle serving as the town’s mayor, she grew up in an environment where leadership and local involvement were part of everyday life. A competitive spirit led her to excel in sports during her high school years, setting the stage for her tenacious work ethic.

Carrie pursued higher education at Middle Tennessee State University, where she earned a degree in Accounting. Her professional journey in real estate began with an internship at Bob Parks Realty in 1999, an experience that laid the groundwork for her career. She quickly climbed the ranks, first to Accounting Manager and then to Director of Finance, demonstrating a keen understanding of both numbers and people. Throughout her career at Parks, Carrie developed meaningful relationships with staff and agents, enhancing team dynamics and driving success. Her genuine passion for helping people is the cornerstone of her professional philosophy, influencing every decision and interaction.

In 2024, Carrie embraced the opportunity to lead as the CEO of the LCT Team, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a vision for innovation in real estate services. She is committed to leveraging her expertise to further the team’s mission of delivering exceptional value and service, ensuring that every client engagement is as fulfilling as it is successful.

Carrie Agent
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