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Balancing Seasonal Décor With Home Selling – Real Estate News

Balancing-Seasonal-Décor-With-Home-Selling – Real-Estate-News

Summer is over and we are sliding into so much seasonal fun, but, how do you balance seasonal décor with selling your home? Here are some of our tips to help you enjoy life but not hurt your home selling chances.

Don’t Scare Off Potential Home Buyers

Interviewed for this recent Tennessean article, the LCT Team’s Lisa Culp Taylor says less is more when it comes to any type of décor and your home is on the market.

“If your home is listed and you love Halloween décor, you might consider less witches, skeletons and skulls and opt for friendlier fall leaves, pumpkins and corn stalks which would carry you easily into Thanksgiving. If you have tons of holiday collections covering every surface of your home, you’ll need to rethink this season. De-clutter and definitely don’t go big,” she stressed.

This mind-set will carry you into the December holiday season as well. Go small, conservative, light and fun. It sets a welcoming tone for your home.

LCT Team - Parks, Holiday Decor

A League Of Our Own – LCT Team Halloween Fun!

Now that we’ve told you to be conservative in your home décor, check out our out-of-this-world Halloween party festivities lol! We’re definitely a work hard, play hard real estate team in a League A League Of Our Own!

Hard-To-Find, Impeccable Home Near Founder’s Square

One of the most popular spots in the pretty Westhaven neighborhood is Founder’s Square and finding an impeccable home with five bedrooms and a spacious yard is an opportunity too good to pass up!

Step inside beautiful 1312 State Blvd. in Franklin and let us know if you’d like an appointment today!

Welcome Margaret And Camille To LCT Team – Parks!

The LCT Team – Parks is pleased to welcome to our team Camille Harrison and Margaret Flowers Orton. Each have their unique strengths and what they have in common is a love for real estate. Meet Camille by clicking here. And, here’s more on Margaret by clicking here!

Camille Harrison, LCT Team- Parks

Camille Harrison has joined the award-winning LCT Team – Parks. (Photo by Cayleigh Ely)

Margaret Flowers Orton, Photo by Cayleigh Ely

Margaret Flowers Orton has joined the award-winning LCT Team – Parks. (Photo by Cayleigh Ely)

Thinking Of Buying Or Selling?

If you are thinking of making a move this year, connect with the LCT Team – Parks team of experts today at 615.775.3830.

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