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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Pardon the slight blog break of the last few weeks. I wish I could say I’d been following my own advice and updating my home, but the truth is, my team and I have been really busy marketing, listing and selling YOUR homes. Clearly, many of you know the importance of getting your home in tip-top shape for this hot, hot seller’s market! For those of you still not convinced, let me assure you that NOW is the time to list your home for sale. Buyers are hungry for beautiful homes and as more sellers hop on the “FOR SALE” bandwagon, buyers have a bit more to choose from. That doesn’t mean that you should fear listing your home. Quite the opposite! It just means that you need to ensure your home is as attractive and turn-key ready as possible.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about kitchen improvements. Today, we tackle the bathrooms! Certainly, we don’t spend as much time in our bathrooms as in our kitchens, but spending some time and money in the bathroom will greatly increase your home’s appeal and value. Consider doing the following:

Install new showerheads in your full bathrooms. Pan-style models that simulate a rain shower are the hot, new trend in upscale bathrooms. Think of how nice your morning routine was t the ritzy hotel you visited last summer and then apply some of their tricks to your home.

Install a second sink. As any growing family or working couple will tell you, a second prep area adds immeasurable value. If there’s room to install two sinks within 30 inches of each other, the two can share drainage and supply lines, which decreases your out of pocket costs.

Change the faucets and fixtures on the sink, tub and shower to stylish models in popular finishes like satin or brushed nickel. Brass fixtures make your home seem quite outdated. Similarly, upgrade your cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures and mirror to complete the fresh, new look.

Happy home selling, friends!

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