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Best Home Improvements For Resale

Best Home Improvements For Resale

With May being National Home Improvement Month, homeowners need to be careful when prioritizing home improvements to gain the most value. The real estate experts at the LCT Team dig into these priorities identifying the best home improvements for resale and shared in a recent Tennessean interview their recommendations which payoff.

Best Home Improvements For Resale, Garden Gate Homes, LCT Team - Parks.JPG

When fully renovating this 1800s Franklin, Tennessee home, builders, Garden Gate Homes balanced reclaimed touches like wood and brick with modern amenities for a beautiful result! (Available via LCT Team – Parks)

Useful Upgrades Says National Survey

During a presentation at the 2018 NAHB International Builders Show inOrlando,Jill Waage, Editor-in-Chief of Traditional Home and Amy Panos, Home Editor of Better Homes & Gardens, delivered these findings and offered insight on the needs of today’s current and future homeowners revealing they have very similar priorities when it comes to their home and home renovations.

Regardless of their income, homeowners care about creating an inviting home that has useful, upgraded spaces for family and friends to enjoy” particularly kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces, according to the findings.

The top remodel priorities recommended by the LCT Team include painting rooms, replacing/updating flooring, bathroom remodel, decorating with furniture and accessories and kitchen remodel.

LCT Team - Parks, 9868 Sam Donald Road, Nolensville, TN

The LCT Team helped prepare this home for listing at 9868 Sam Donald Road in Nolensvilleby capitalizing on this home’s elegant, spacious, light-filled interior – surrounded by 10.6 scenic acres.

9868 Sam Donald Road, LCT Team - Parks

Top Priority – Kitchen

You know the saying, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a modern, functional kitchen is one of the first areas homebuyers evaluate. When it is time for your kitchen upgrade, be sure you don’t go overboard. According to U.S. News, a minor kitchen remodel will recoup 80% of the cost.

Vickie Freas, LCT Team - Parks

“If you are contemplating down-sizing or retiring, don’t over spend on a kitchen remodel. Prioritize items like countertops and consider replacing cabinet doors and painting instead of taking on the expense of cabinet replacement,” says LCT Team Realtor Vickie Freas.


Painting Rooms

One of the quickest and cheapest home makeovers is painting says LCT Team Realtor Megan Jones. Many times it can be accomplished over a weekend and makes a huge difference in a home’s interior.

Megan Jones, Realtor, LCT Team - Parks

Want to get your house sold, consider a fresh coat of paint says Realtor Megan Jones, LCT Team – Parks.

“Check out the latest color trends of the year and if selling is in your future plans, look toward a fresh gray and spice up your décor for pops of color,” Megan explains. “Check out Benjamin Moore’s color of the year “Metropolitan.” It is a stylish gray with cool undertones reflecting the modern sophistication of 21st-Century design. “


You may think once a hardwood floor is installed, it is forever. However, if you want to keep your home current and fresh, start at the bottom by making your flooring a priority. “Nothing dates a home more than worn out sisal carpeting or scuffed hardwoods with a hint of orange stain,” says Lisa Culp Taylor.

Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team - Parks

When you start considering home improvements, begin at the bottom and take a close look at your floors says Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team – Parks.

Bathroom Update

The National Association of Realtors consistently cites bathroom and kitchen remodels as the best investment dollar for a homeowner says LCT Team Realtor Holly Hockaday.With these areas topping the list of projects which add to resale value, make the bathroom a priority and enjoy the update immediately.

Holly Hockaday, Realtor, LCT Team - Parks

HGTV recommends having a plan before you start, save money by keeping plumbing where it is and just change out the commode lid and seat instead of tossing the entire unit. Click here for more great tips.

210 Second Avenue, Franklin, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team Realtor Holly Hockaday says when considering a bathroom renovation keeping the tub is a smart idea. (Bathroom featured is available at 201 2nd Avenue S., Franklin. Contact Megan Jones for more info)

Need Help Prepping Your Home For Sale?

If you are thinking of selling your home this year, the experts of the LCT Team say now is the time to begin and shared tips in this recent blog and in this Tennessean story. Connect with the LCT Team – Parks today at 615.595.5883 and here’s video introduction to the Parks team of real estate experts.

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