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Blog Revue – The Heathered Nest

Some days I sit down to write my weekly blog post and just sit. And sit. I have all these ideas, but the words won’t come. Which, if you know me live and in person, is completely out of character. I’m rarely without an opinion and am usually more than happy to share. But sometimes, it’s just hard to get the ideas from my brain to the computer screen. And then sometimes (LIKE. RIGHT. NOW) the words pour out of my fingers. I suspect this no words/too many words has something to do with my interest level and passion about a given topic. So, yep… today: SQUEAL! I am so excited to write about this amazing home decorating/renovating/DIY’ing blog that I discovered a few months ago. In fact, The Heathered Nest site is the one that started my blog-loving journey. From this site, I’ve clicked and scrolled my way to other gorgeous and useful sites and have been able to pass along many juicy tid-bits to my clients.

But today, it’s all about The Heathered Nest and how this clever lady and her pretty website can help my “I just bought a house, now what?!?” clients turn that new house into a home. First off, the site’s owner and operator is a real person with a real life and a real house and a real budget. And, she has three very cute and very real kiddos, so I’m guessing her time and her budget might be a bit tight. But, she has an incredible home that she’s carefully and meticulously renovated and redecorated and she hasn’t spent a bazillion dollars to do it. Since you, my home-buying friends have just spent what might feel like a bazillion dollars on your new home, I’m guessing you don’t want to spend a bazillion more decorating and renovating. But, you do want to give your home some flavor, make it special, make it you… Enter Heather and her nest and her brilliant ideas.

I could literally write a novel about this site and her ideas. Really, just dedicate the next 24 hours to doing nothing but clicking on her renovation ideas. There, my job is done. No? Okay, then, let me expound on a few of my favorite “Heathered Nest” ideas and how you might use them to make your house feel like your home. First up: a bathroom remodel. I know, I know – I hear you yelling through your computer screen, but I promise (or Heather vows!) that you can remodel a bathroom for under $2,000! Just look here! And here. And here. From 80’s ick to millennial chic in six short weeks! Oh, and do you not love here style? Not just her home decorating style, but her writing style? Her voice? I think we’d be friends, this gal and I.
Bathrooms are huge. Besides kitchens, they are usually the rooms that take the most wear and tear and the rooms that can look dated and become kind of soul sucking, so if you want a lot of bang for your renovating buck, an updated bathroom can really do wonders to a new home. Let’s take a moment and tour one of the Heathered Nest’s bedrooms. And then spend a bit of time thinking about how you can take some of those great ideas and turn your master bedroom into the bliss-filled B&B-like oasis that Heather and company created as a guest suite in their basement. I want to go there. Do you think she’d find that odd?

Maybe an entire room seems too overwhelming right now? I mean, you’ve just finished unpacking. You need a rest. But those builder grade ceiling lights in your back hall are truly hideous. Try Heather’s quick fix and transform those “boob lights” (yes, that’s a real, actual term) to something whimsical, flirty and just plain darling. Or how about tackling those dated faux-brass door knobs and turning them into a cool, antique-y rubbed bronze knob without breaking the bank. It’s the little things that turn a house into a home and this site will certainly offer enough inspiration to get you started on your new-home journey.
I’ll stop talking now. Really. Promise. Just go ahead and click away. Enjoy your day with Heather and her nest. And then, if you can peel yourself away from your inner DIY’er, I’ll review another amazing site next week! Happy home-making, friends!

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