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Clever Products For A Smarter Home


Clever Products For A Smarter Home, LCT Team - Parks
Spending more time in our homes has inspired us to create prettier interiors so why not make it a smarter home with these great ideas from the LCT Team – Parks’ real estate experts.

A well-designed home deserves some smart technology! (Legend Homes, Stephens Valley)

Top Ideas To Make Your Home Smarter

No more fumbling with your keys or getting locked out says LCT Team Realtor Meredith Zeller with the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt. Easily share the code when you need to allow a friend or family member entry and no more phone calls from your kiddos!

Source: Schlage

GE smart home motion sensor interior lights have also been a game changer for the laundry room and her closet says Meredith. “No doubt those are two places I always have my hands full when walking in or out. No more struggling while juggling a laundry basket and my husband is no longer giving me ‘friendly’ reminders to turn off the lights!”

The Moen Smart Faucet motion sensor has always been super helpful and smart when cooking. Realtor Vickie Freassays it is a huge asset in achieving a smart home and why not also add a touchless soap dispenser, no longer just for the restaurant rest room!

It’s also smart to find a way to keep working out says Realtor Margaret Orton! The Mirror is probably a worthwhile investment which will save you time and be a safe workout. And, she points out, it takes up less space than most other workout equipment!

Source: Mirror

Smart Ideas To Make Your Home Cleaner

Once you are in the home, it’s smarter and healthier to find a good system to kill germs and viruses says Realtor Amy Pappas. Check out the Molekule, a new peco technology that claims it can actually grab and kill viruses which are as small as .01 microns. Normal filters only capture .03. Molekule also grabs and destroys germs, rather than capturing in a filter.

And, in case you didn’t get one in your Christmas stocking, check out Crate & Barrel’s cell phone charger and UV sanitizer. We are all about doing two smart things at once!

Source: Crate & Barrel

It may be old school, but Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor says it is something a 2021 home can always use, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. “I love the Roomba! It is perfect for pet owners to keep dog hair and dander to a minimum at all times.

A cleaner smelling home is always a plus and check out the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser, an intersection of technology and fragrance. Realtor Marabeth Poole loves it so much she got herself and her brother one for Christmas and you can operate it from your phone – app controlled from anywhere.

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