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Community Spotlight – Everbright

Community-Spotlight – Everbright

I don’t remember a more beautiful Spring and I’ve lived in Middle Tennessee my whole life. March was a bear… rainy and cold and windy and ick, but all that wet weather has given us the most incredible April. The pups and I want to just live outdoors all day long amongst the budding trees and the blooming bushes, the bright flowers and the chirping birds. Of course, I think that life in Williamson County is always pretty sweet, but this spring is turning up the dial on sweet and cranking it all the way to perfection. If you didn’t already love this neck of the woods, you certainly will now!

As always happens in the spring, Middle Tennessee residents get the home-buying bug and sellers scramble to get their homes show ready. But, if you’ve been following our real estate trends, you’ll know that there’s more demand than there is supply. That’s great news for my clients selling homes, but it can make for a long and frustrating home-buying adventure. More and more, I’m introducing my clients who have only ever thought of themselves as resale buyers to the wonderful world of new construction. Best of all, we have tons of new construction in some really fantastic neighborhoods. Today, I want to introduce you to Everbright, an absolutely delightful community in the literal heart of downtown Franklin.

It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t even think about buying a nice home in downtown Franklin without being prepared to spend well over seven digits! However, builders have discovered that buyers are clamoring for affordable homes with a downtown vibe. And, when that downtown happens to be the 100% charming hamlet of Franklin, the clamor turns into a deafening roar. So, builders listened and planned and Everbright was born. Located a block away from the public library and a half-mile from Five Points, Everbright simply can’t be beat when it comes to location. Living there means that a five-star dinner is a fifteen-minute stroll away, that running, hiking and biking trails are hop, skip and a jump from your front door and that some of Tennessee’s best antiquing can be done by bicycle!

Community-Spotlight – Everbright

Then, there’s the charm of the community itself. This is a special place. Legend Homes, with whom I’ve had a long-standing partnership, has created some truly outstanding homes that blend the charm of yesteryear with the modern amenities that today’s homebuyers demand. In fact, they love it so much that their owner, Doug just bought a home there! Most of the homes are cottage style, in keeping with the historical significance of the community, but they’re loaded with upgrades, luxury finishes, state of the art kitchens, open floor plans, gobs of square footage and gorgeous outdoor spaces. Prices start in the low 900’s. urrently, we have 2 finished homes for sale and one new build starting any day. ith the addition of these new, high-end homes, the neighborhood is also thriving. In fact, Legend Homes was so captivated by the neighborhood, that they designed and built a community garden that will live on as a vibrant centerpiece of this community long after they’ve moved on to their next fabulous project.

I can’t recommend a trip to Everbright strongly enough. In fact, make a day of it. Start with breakfast at the Frothy Monkey, then wander down Main Street and visit some of the cute boutiques and shops. Consider a walking tour of downtown Franklin with a trained docent, then meander down to Everbright. After touring the neighborhood, visit The historic Carter House. Finish with lunch at 55 South or Gray’s on Main. It’ll be a day (and a neighborhood) you won’t soon forget. If after visiting Everbright, you’re as captivated as I think you’ll be, call our onsite agent, Marabeth Poole at 615-336-6635. She’ll be happy to give you a personal tour of the Everbright community and a beautiful brand new home!

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