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Connecting Land, Builders, Home Buyers

Surrounded by a family of real estate professionals and with more than twenty years in the business, Lisa Culp Taylor has experienced the change and growth in the Middle Tennessee area firsthand, working with home buyers and builders to connect them with land opportunities. She was recently interviewed by theNashville Ledgeron her unique perspective.

Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team - Parks Realty, Franklin

Lisa Culp Taylor and her LCT Team have years of experience connecting smart home builders with clients seeking to build in Middle Tennessee. Check out available land via LCT Team listings on the beautiful Tennessee River area of West Tennessee.

Land For New Home Building Requires Quick Decisions

It is estimated that over 9,000 new residents are flowing into Middle Tennessee daily and this is placing demand on housing and new homes in particular. Oftentimes if any land is available, builders are buying the home sites as soon as they become available.

Clifton, TN River

Located on the scenic Tennessee River, this listing has several outbuilding and scenic areas (see below) and is the perfect location for a weekend getaway or retreat. (Photos by Paul Proctor)

“Even if they’re not ready to build right that minute, the builders know they have land for their next project,” Lisa shared in the Nashville Ledger article. “It is difficult for custom builders to find land right now which why it is so important to us to connect good builders with land opportunities and home building clients.”

Williamson County Land

The LCT Team primarily works in Nashville and Williamson County, and currently have two home sites available, one in Brentwood (460 Beech Creek Road N) and one in Thompson’s Station (3980 Burwood Place Pvt Drive Lot 3). Here, clients can choose their builder and construct the home of their dreams. Although it is currently hard to find a large quantity of land available, there is something to be said about the positive aspects growth can bring Lisa says.

“If we didn’t have (growth), none of us would be as happy because there’s so much that came to Nashville with the influx of people,” she explains. “So I think there are positives and negatives on all growth. It just takes a little bit of time. There’s always going to be a little bit more land to develop. Somebody is going to find pocket neighborhoods. You know we’ll always find a way. When you want new, you’re always going to find a way.”

(Photo by Paul Proctor. See more gorgeous photos at Tennessee River Living and contact us today about this beautiful listing.)

Looking To Build Your Dream Home Or Find A Current Listing?

If you are looking for one of the land sites available or are interested in another LCT Team listing, contact the team at 615.790.7400 or 615.595.5883. The nine-person real estate team, led by Lisa Culp Taylor, has new homes available weekly and would love to assist you through the buying and selling process today!

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