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Create A Healthy Home

649 Brook Hollow Road, Nashville, TN, LCT Team - Parks

If your New Year’s resolutions include better health, starting with your house is an important first step. Here’re some of our top tips to create a healthy home.

649 Brook Hollow Road, Nashville, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This beautiful home is built for happy, healthy, fun times and located in beautiful West Meade. From the smart team at Donnelly Timmons Custom Homes, click here for home details.

Healthy Home Tips – Water

Our team of real estate experts has decades of home experience and loves sharing great ideas on creating a healthier home. Healthy, filtered water is a priority and top of the list for LCT Team Realtors Meredith Zeller and Maile Stover.

“In addition to filtering your drinking water, it’s important to filter the shower and faucet water used for brushing teeth. Our whole house water filter was out of commission for a couple of weeks while we waited for a replacement part and you could smell the chlorine in the water,” she said.

Meredith recommends the Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System which filters out over 200 contaminants including bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals.

LCT Team Realtor Ashley Burns uses a Berkey Water Filter for drinking water and a Jolie filter for her shower. “The goal is to get a full house filtration system but this is what is working for us now,” Ashley said.

107 Battlefield Drive, Franklin, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This brand new kitchen, built by Bordeaux Homes in Franklin, is a beautiful spot to begin a healthy new year! Click for details.

A priority too for LCT Team Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor, she uses a water filter and has smartly replaced plastic bottles with reusable glass bottles which can be taken on the go. “Plastic bottles are bad for the planet and us. These Briefton bottles work great for all kinds of liquids,” Lisa said. Here’s the link.

Lisa also has a steam shower which she says is great for your skin, winter colds and flushing impurities. Treating body inflammation can also be a big issue and Lisa and LCT Team Realtor Kristen Carbine both use a portable red-light panel. Ashley uses a Joov one.

Both Ashley and Maile have carved out a home gym spot using a walk-in storage space and a garage. Ashley has added a sauna to hers too which is great when you have the space!

1402 Devens Dr., Brentwood, TN, LCT Team - Parks

Room for a gym! This beautiful Brentwood home, built by Hidden Valley Homes on Devens Drive, offers a lower level with an additional bedroom with a full bath, a bonus room, a media room, a fitness room and extra storage space. Click for home details.

1402 Devens Drive, Brentwood, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This Hidden Valley Homes property in Brentwood has 5 bedrooms and tons of flexible spaces. Click for details.

Healthy Home Air

Reducing EMFs or Electromagnetic Field is also a concern for Meredith who has some great tips including using a timer.

“We’ve become very cognizant of EMF exposure. Some of the steps we’ve taken are using a timer on our Wi-Fi router so it cuts off at night helping with sleep quality. At night, our phones get plugged in away from the bedroom and we don’t keep anything plugged in next to the bed. We were surprised at how much better our quality of sleep was when we made that simple change! So many appliances now also come with Wi-Fi capabilities. Our refrigerator and dishwasher both do and we have made sure the Wi-Fi on them has been disabled,” Meredith said.

As the benefits of good night’s sleep become even more apparent, healthy air is part of this equation. Meredith recommends a HEPA 4 Stage air purifier and uses one in each of her home’s bedrooms and the main living space.

Cleaning products have also gotten on the radar for many people especially those with allergies. Ashley uses all non-toxic cleaning products, laundry detergent and dish soap. Here is a link to her favorite non-toxic candle that smells exactly like the Volcano candle!

7212 Sky Meadow Drive, College Grove, TN, LCT Team - Parks

Available in College Grove, this home has light, bright open concept living room and a pretty, clean, neutral color palette. Click for more info.

Food Prep And Healthy Recipes

As we continue to dig deeper into the sources of our foods, Middle Tennessee has an abundance of Farmers’ Markets, community gardens and community supported agriculture or CSAs.

The American Heart Association says adults consume an average of 17 teaspoons of added sugar every day, more than 2-3 times the recommended amount for men and women respectively with sugar-filled drinks the top culprit. This adds up to around 60 pounds of added sugar consumed annually – that’s six, 10-pound bowling balls.

Cutting back on sugar and processed foods is a family priority for Maile. “We’re moving our kids in a healthier direction as well as us – important as we age!”

In a way to get electrolytes and vitamins from extra greens, Ashley uses LMNT zero sugar electrolytes and Better Greens added to her water which she says actually tastes good!

Replacing cookware is also an important step to improving your health says Meredith. “There’s evidence showing that non-stick cookware can cause a number of health risks. It is an investment but consider replacing your pans with a brand like Caraway or HexClad!”

During cold and flu season, food definitely becomes medicine. Ashley says this is one of her favorite chicken soup recipes.

Be sure you subscribe to our newsletter for monthly healthy home and food inspo by clicking here. Here’s a great list of winter recipes to boost your immune system from the nutrition experts at Eating Well.

6083 Porters Union Way, Arrington, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This Legend Homes kitchen is the perfect spot to create healthy dinners! Now active under contract, reach out for info on any upcoming Legend Homes opportunities.

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