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Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces

Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces, LCT Team - Parks Realty

From water features and covered porches to cozy sitting areas with all-weather fabric, creating dreamy outdoor living spaces is a great way to add lifestyle and entertaining options to a home. The experts of the LCT Team – Parks share their top ideas for weaving pretty outdoor living areas and several of the homes are available!

LCT Team - Parks, Garden Gate Homes, 611 Fair Street, Franklin

Porches just call for good times with great friends like this beautiful one at 611 Fair Street in Franklin – built by Garden Gate Homes – a favorite of the LCT Team – Parks and currently available for purchase, co-listing via Lisa Culp Taylor.

Water Features – Pools, Fountains

Water features can really enhance an outdoor living space from providing relaxing sounds to providing relaxing relief from hot summer days which hit the 90s in Middle Tennessee!

Realtor.comsays pools with enough space around them for friends and family to lounge also gave home prices a 26% lift. LCT Team Realtor Megan Jones said her clients’ recent sale of their downtown Franklin home included a backyard oasis which will soon be repeated.

Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces 

“A pool can be a real priority and it is so fun helping these clients purchase a beautiful home on an acre in theWater Leaf boutique community in Franklin. They’ll be adding a beautiful pool,” Megan said.

Pool Rendering, Water Leaf neighborhood, LCT Team - Parks

After enjoying their beautiful outdoor living space in their Second Avenue home, LCT Team – Parks’ Megan Jones helped the home owner sell their home in historic downtown Franklin and find a beautiful new one on an acre lot in Water Leaf where a future pool is being constructed.


Fountains are also a nice addition which Megan said can buffer city noises or bring peace and relaxation.

Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces

Guests are greeted with a beautiful fountain in this Brentwood home at 5611 Saddlewood Lane, Brentwood, available here via the LCT Team, which also includes a large backyard pool area.


5611 Saddlewood Lane, Brentwood, LCT Team - Parks

A beautiful outdoor living area with a pool, like this LCT Team – Parks listing at 5611 Saddlewood Lane in Brentwood has plenty of space for entertaining and fun!

The Porch

Nothing says slow down and enjoy life in the South more than a porch and clients are always on the lookout for one says LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas.

“Isn’t the outdoor living area a top priority? Whether it is a spacious deck, covered porch, or screened porch, homeowners are always looking for the perfect outdoor living space to entertain friends or relax with family,” says LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas.

Outdoor drapes, all-weather rugs, outdoor speakers and privacy are just some of the elements which help make a great porch or deck area.


Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces


Screen or not screened, LCT Team Realtor Marabeth Poolesays her family spends most of their time on their porch.

“Retracable screens are a smart idea and they help us enjoy the seasons so much more,” Marabeth said.

Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces

Marabeth Poole’s new home porch includes smart retracable screens, all-weather fabrics and a fireplace for cool Tennessee nights.


Plant Perennials For Yearly Fun

If you’ve moved into a new home in the winter, spring can be a season of surprises when perennials start popping up all over your yard. In Tennessee, a hearty perennial favorite is the state flower –the iris.

2060 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, LCT Team - Parks

Lush greenery and beautiful perennials surround the English Tudor home, available via the LCT Team – Parks, at 2060 Hillsboro Road, Franklin.


2060 Hillsboro Road, LCT Team - Parks

A beautiful variety of flowers, including iris, surround the stately English Tudor at 2060 Hillsboro Road.


Outdoor Living Spaces, 2060 Hillsboro Road, LCT Team - Parks

Throughout the acres surrounding beautiful 2060 Hillsboro Road are beautiful perennials including iris, Tennessee’s state flower.

It’s also a great idea to plant a variety perennials which will bloom in different weeks throughout the spring, summer and fall including the firefly lily and the cone flower which has 60 to 100 varieties says Marabeth.


Outdoor lighting can really enhance a home. Once you have it, you can’t imagine life without it says LCT Team Realtor Vickie Freas.

“Low-voltage landscape lighting can be inexpensive and helps to create a beautiful setting.The bonus is outdoor lighting also adds to the safety and security of a home.Illuminating sidewalks and steps is important for guests and a well-lit home can deter thieves,”Vickie said. “Lighting also brightens outdoor cooking and eating areas.“

Outdoor Lighting, 1115 Wilson Pike, Brentwood,LCT Team - Parks

A well-lit home, like this LCT Team listing ofMichelle Chrest’s at 1115 Wilson Pike in Brentwood, is enhanced by its lighting while discouraging night time mischief.

Pet Safe, Outdoor Fabrics

Adding all-weather fabric to your outdoor living spaces makes them more comfortable and helps create cozy spaces saysLCT Team Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor. These fabrics can also be pet-friendly.

“There are great choices in stain and odor-resistant outdoor fabrics which repel moisture and can protect against bacteria. This helps you not worry when you share your space with your family pet,” Lisa said.

As ageneral rule for choosing pet-friendly fabrics, look for something with a tight weave. Also, patterns and textures help hide pet hair and dirt until you have a chance to clean.

Outdoor Living Space, 1731 Championship Blvd., LCT Team - Parks

All-weather drapes provide definition and privacy for this pretty outdoor living area. The beautiful home is listed by the LCT Team’s Michelle Chrest at1731 Championship Blvd, in Franklin.(MC Westhaven home – Outdoor drapes creates pretty definition for this covered porch)


Bonus Outdoor Feature – Vineyard, Fresh Fruit

One of LCT Realtor Michelle Chrest’s current listings, 1115 Wilson Pike, in Brentwood,has the ultimate in annual fun – a vineyard as well as raspberry, blackberries, peach and apple trees.

1115 Wilson Pike, LCT Team - Parks

1115 Wilson Pike, LCT Team - Parks

Surrounded by over 4 acres, this iconic Brentwood home has a vineyard, berries and fruit trees surrounding thestately home available via LCT Team’s Michelle Chrest.

“When you pull through the gates of 1115 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, the grounds of the home are really the greatest outdoor feature.Located on 4.75 acres, this iconic home is the one everyone knows as the house with the big pond.With a lovely back covered porch, you can head to pick the fruit of your choice!” said Michelle.

Looking For A Real Estate Expert To Buy Or Sell?

If you are thinking of making a move this year, the experts of the LCT Team say now is the time to begin and shared tips in this recent blogand in this Tennessean story. Connect with the LCT Team – Parks today at 615.595.5883.

LCT Team - Parks Realty, Franklin, TN

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