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Exterior Improvements For The Spring Market

So you’ve interviewed and hired a great Realtor®, have made smart interior improvements and now you’re ready to list your home for sale, right? Wrong! Unless, you’ve already spent some time and effort sprucing up your home’s exterior, potential buyers might not even come inside to witness all your hard work! The reason we real estate professional have coined the phrase “curb appeal” is because it is a very real thing. Even in the hottest markets, during the best selling seasons, it is crucial that your home makes a positive first impression. Here are a few tips to ensure that buyers are so interested and intrigued by your home’s exterior, they can’t wait to see what waits for them inside!

Make sure there is a clear pathway from your home’s driveway and sidewalks to the front door. If you haven’t already, remove dead leaves, branches, twigs and foliage. Hopefully, warmer weather and sunny days are helping to grow a nice, new layer of green grass, but even if this isn’t the case, you can “force” a bit of spring by planting some pansies and flowering daffodils along the edges of walkways and flowerbeds.

Similarly, cut back or prune overgrown shrubs and trees that might block the view of your home from the street or prohibit sunlight from shining through windows. Once you’ve given your trees some attention, give your lawn a little love, too. If you do have new lawn growth, mow diagonally – it makes your lawn appear larger. Use an edger to get a clean line against driveways and sidewalks. It’s these little details that tell a buyer you have maintained your home to impeccable standards.
Make sure your front door is clean and sparkling. Wipe down the front door (or give it a fresh coat of paint, if needed), clean glass, and polish doorknobs, house numbers and kick plates. The idea here is to create an impression of a clean and tidy façade and a sneak-peek of what the buyers can expect when they open the door and step inside. Wash windows inside and out, too. Sparkle is free and sparkle helps to sell homes!

Your home’s exterior should be well-lit, so be sure to replace dim or burnt-out bulbs. Even though most of your buyers will visit during the day, many uber-interested buyers will do a drive-by in the evening or at night. Bright lighting adds a commanding touch to the exterior of your home and allows potential buyers to see your home’s details in their best possible… well, light.
Last, but not least, consider adding seasonal planters on the front porch or near the front door. Choose colors and flower types that compliment your home’s style and palette.

Yellow is always a good choice… color experts tell us that yellow stimulates the urge to buy as it induces feelings of happiness and contentment. Tulips and daffodils are in bloom at your local nursery and are easily transplanted to exterior planters or interior containers.

Checked all those items off your to-do list? Combined with a great Realtor® and some savvy interior improvements, you are now ready to take advantage of the hot spring market and sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. I know it might have taken investments of time and money, but now you’re poised to sit back and watch all your hard work pay off… literally and figuratively! Happy home selling!

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