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Fall In Middle Tennessee

It’s all pumpkin spice lattes and gigantic yellow mums here in Middle Tennessee and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. I love the fact that our part of the country sees four distinct seasons and I’ll go to the mat with anyone who tries to convince us that the Northeast is the only place for leaf peeping. Autumn in Middle Tennessee is simply stunning. Case in point… the view from the Natchez Trace Bridge in Williamson County. I mean, seriously… it’s hard to breathe when confronted with all that beauty. Actually, that head-spinning feeling of oxygen deprivation might have more to do with the fact that the bridge is really, really high and I don’t adore heights. But, I brace myself for a drive each October because the views really can’t be beat.

Even though, I love this crisp and beautiful season, I have home-selling clients who start to get a little squirrely when the leaves start dropping. They worry that they missed the prime selling months of summer. They tell me that they can’t sell their home because buyers want to be settled before the start of school. Like I said, they get a little wack-a-doodle. Several years ago, I wrote a blog series about the pros and cons of selling your home in each season. There was a lot to recommend fall as a good selling season. More importantly, though, no matter what season you choose to list your home, you need to take advantage of what that season has to offer… and fall has a lot going for it. Here are a few simple “autumnal tips” you can use when selling your home during this pretty time of year.

  1. THINK YELLOW. Remember those pots of mums I referenced in the opening paragraph? They’re more than just a cute visual. We actually know that yellow is a color that promotes a sense of well-being and prestige. Realtors have long used vases of yellow flowers to entice potential buyers. The ever popular website,, advises using yellow because it evokes feelings of happiness and light. And, for our purposes, yellow mums are a bright and easy way to decorate your front porch and create a great first impression.
  2. BRING THE OUTSIDE IN. No matter when you sell your home, you need to be sure to open blinds and turn on ambient lighting just prior to a showing, When you open those blinds in the fall, though, you get the extra benefit of gorgeous natural color and awe-inspiring vistas that give your home an extra pop. But, don’t stop with a pretty picture window… Actually bring some of those fall elements into your home by creating a sweet autumnal scene on your dining table. Even if orange clashes terribly with your color scheme, you can paint mini pumpkins in shades of whites and silvers. Add a classy table runner and few pillar candles or votives and you’ve got yourself a lovely fall centerpiece that tells future buyers you care about the little things and that you’ve taken pride and great care with their future home!
  3. MAKE IT SMELL GOOD! I know there’s a lot of controversy about using candles when showing your home. Some Realtors advise against it, fearing that potential buyers will think you’re trying to cover up a nasty odor. And I do get that, but I also know that smells are incredibly evocative and when used sparingly, they can help create a really fantastic ambiance. Currently, I’m obsessed with Tyler Candle Company’s “Mulled Spice” scent. It’s not overly cloying, but fills a home with a subtle scent of fall spices. Also, I think a carefully placed lit candle makes a room feel extra cozy.

Easy, right? The truth is, there’s no reason to fear listing your home for sale in the fall months. A good Realtors will do his/her due diligence and ensure that your home is priced correctly, staged well and visited often no matter the season. Still, if you’re going to list now, you should use the gifts that Mother Nature gave you to help show your home in the best possible light. Happy Fall, ya’ll!

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