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Falling in Love with Hillsboro Cove


Truth time… are you one of those people who loves Valentine’s Day, who wears red and pink, buys candy for your nearest and dearest and posts sweet pictures of your spouse on Facebook with the “I LOVE US” frame? Or, are you a Valentine’s denier… one who moans and groans about this “Hallmark” holiday and rolls their eyes – not so subtly – at the lovey-dovey Facebook posters? I honestly swing back and forth… some years I’m down for it, others not so much. But, this year, I was feeling the love. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Middle Tennessee has experienced an incredibly mild winter so far. Our daffodils are already blooming and it feels like Spring is right around the corner! And my clients are feeling a bit of Spring fever too, so that makes me downright euphoric! Sellers are listing and buyers are looking. There’s nothing not to love about that!!

Speaking of love and real estate… what better time than this season of love to introduce (or reintroduce) you to some of the communities in Middle Tennessee that I’ve fallen in love with? For the next several weeks, I’ll be writing about a neighborhood or community that gives me all the feels! If you’re looking for a new home in this area, you’ll feel the love – as I do – for these incredible communities.One of the best parts of Williamson County is that there is truly something for everyone, so if this week’s highlighted neighborhood – Hillsboro Cove – doesn’t speak to you, check back next week and the week after and the week after when I fall in love all over again with other sweet neighborhoods in and around Music City, USA.

I’ve written about Hillsboro Cove before. I’ve been with this community since the beginning when the idea of Hillsboro Cove was little more than a glimmer in the developer’s eye. It hasn’t always been sunshine and roses… neighbors initially resisted the idea of developing this parcel of privately owned farmland because they feared another pop up neighborhood crowded with McMansions that didn’t fit with the bucolic landscape of Hillsboro Road. But, you know what… even the harshest of our former critics agree: Hillsboro Cove is an absolutely GORGEOUS community of luxury homes situated on acre-plus lots. The builders here have done a fantastic job of preserving the natural beauty of this land, while creating one of kind, custom built homes. While thoroughly modern and loaded with amenities on the inside, the exteriors are carefully planned to enhance the pastoral landscapes that surround Hillsboro Cove. And, yes, while the typical Hillsboro Cove home is large, they are all unique – filled with character and helping to create a cohesive, yet diverse, architectural style in the neighborhood.

As we developed Hillsboro Cove, many buyers initially balked at the community because it felt so “far way” from everything. I was baffled by this sentiment because Hillsboro Cove is actually right in the center of historic Franklin! It’s ten minutes from Cool Springs, ten minutes from downtown Franklin, and fifteen from charming Leiper’s Fork.

If you head in the opposite direction, you’re fifteen minutes from Green Hills and Bellevue. If you call Hillsboro Cove home, you can be sitting in your downtown Nashville office within a half hour.Far from being in the middle of nowhere… Hillsboro Cove is actually in the middle of everything! As I talked to buyers, I realized that what they really meant was that living in Hillsboro Cove feels like living in the country. And you guys… that’s the real magic of this enchanted community. Living here does feel like owning a slice of Heaven. It’s quiet and peaceful, tranquil and restive. And, it’s still one of the most centrally located new luxury communities in Franklin!

Recently, one of Parks’ newest team members, Marabeth Poole has joined forces with me and my minions to act as the on-site agent at Hillsboro Cove. She, like me, would be delighted to talk to you about – or better yet – show you around Hillsboro Cove. You can reach Marabeth at marabeth(at)marabethhomes(dotted)com. Or give me a buzz or a text or a message and I’ll be happy to continue waxing rhapsodic about this oh, so special community!

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