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Great Laundry Room Ideas

Great Laundry Room Ideas

No longer just for dirty socks, a great laundry room today is smarter than ever as the space becomes multi-purpose for busy families. LCT Team clients are looking for functionality says Realtor and team member Michelle Arnold.

Michelle Arnold, LCT Team, Parks, Franklin, TN

Functionality is important for the laundry room – the hardest work place in the home says LCT Team Realtor Michelle Arnold.

“Most of my clients are working from home and need space which serves a variety of uses for their busy lives and busy children,” Michelle explains.

Great Laundry Room Ideas, Legend Homes, LCT Team

Legend Homes beautiful laundry room has a gift wrapping center, space for crafts and a well-organized spot for laundry. (Photo by Legend Homes.)

Great Laundry Room Ideas – Double Duty

The Tennessean recently profiled laundry rooms in some homes provided by the LCT Team because they are being used for a variety of workspaces. From wrapping centers and craft space to extra counters for entertaining prep stations, the laundry room is designed for more than just a washer and dryer.

Great Laundry Room Ideas, LCT Team Listing, Brentwood, TN

This home, currently listed by the LCT Team in the Annandale neighborhood in Brentwood, has great storage, natural light and a clever Dutch door.

Stackable washer dryer, LCT Team, Brentwood Home, Old Smyrna Road

A stackable washer/dryer, like this LCT listing on Old Smyrna Road, is a great laundry room idea for saving space and maximizing storage.

Laundry Room Options

Gone are the days when a home has a dedicated room for one activity. “Many of my clients have several children. They need to utilize all space and are looking for a hobby area as well as room to clean and dry athletic uniforms,” says Michelle.

Cat Door, LCT Team, Lisa Culp Taylor, Ravello Way, Brentwood

Wondering about that little door on the left? It smartly conceals a litter box in this double-duty laundry room of a LCT Team listing – already under contract.

Space to hang drying clothes is important too. “For smaller laundry rooms, storage and space to air dry is helpful. I have three busy daughters with school and sports uniforms which I like to hang after cleaning,” Michelle said.

Looking For A New Home

If you are looking for a new home with great features, contact the LCT Team today at 615.595.5883 or click here to see new listings. The nine-person real estate team, led by Lisa Culp Taylor, has new homes available weekly!

LCT Team Parks Realty, Lisa Culp Taylor, Franklin, TN

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