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Home Maintenance Tips

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LCT Team – Parks Realtors are firm believers in regular home maintenance so you can enjoy it more now and little things won’t add up to big problems when it is time to sell. Here is a quick list of items you might not have thought about but definitely need to consider!

Home Maintenance Tips, LCT Team - Parks

Home Maintenance – Keep Kitchen Appliances Smelling Nice, Avoid Problems

One of the biggest smelly spots in a kitchen can be a garbage disposal. First pro tip says Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor is never, ever put potato peels in your disposal or onion skins, carrot and apple peels. If you do have a problem and feeling ambitious, check out Bob Villa’s quick tutorial for repairs.

Home Maintenance, Kitchen Sink, LCT Team - Parks

Realtor Maile Stover recommends fresh lemon to help the disposal and kitchen smell fresh and clean. Villa agrees and suggests half a lemon every two to three weeks.

Be sure you also avoid putting milk, flour, coffee grounds, old medicine, leftover paint and, of course, oil or grease down your sink!

Soap and grime can definitely accumulate in the dishwasher and produce a smelly odor. Regularly clean the drain and the spray arm. Once a month, run a cycle of vinegar and a cycle of baking soda. Put a small bowl of distilled white vinegar in the top rack and run a regular cycle. For the second cycle, place one cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher. Be sure you aren’t diverting any hot water in the kitchen with other uses while cleaning your dishwasher for maximum effectiveness.

The refrigerator can also be a trouble spot. In addition to regularly disposing of expired items, disinfect the inside every three months to get rid of bacteria from lots of hands! To ensure you refrigerator has a longer life, unplug and pull the refrigerator out to vacuum accumulated dust which can make the unit worker harder.

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The HVAC needs regular maintenance to help extend its life. In addition to contracting for spring and fall regular professional cleaning, Realtor Margaret Flowers Orton recommends checking the slots at the bottom of the unit.

“The openings are so forklift blades can be inserted to move a heavy unit. Rodents and snakes can also enter through these openings. It’s a smart idea to cover them with wire screens to prevent any unwanted visitors,” Margaret said.

Get Rid Of Spots And Scuff Marks

An admitted stickler for water spots, Realtor Megan Jones Campbell says she’s found a great solution for countertops and glass shower doors.

“It drives me nuts to see water spots and I don’t feel like a squeegee is enough. I tried HydroShield . I’ve been very happy with it and it has definitely cut down on my maintenance and cleaning,” Megan said. Lisa also recommends Rain-X or a similar product for showers and baths after each use for easy, long-term cleaning.

Megan, a busy mom of three, also has three dogs! Another pro tip is to clean up wall scuff marks monthly instead of letting them build up.

“I actually use the paint to repair these spots so it keeps everything looking fresh and clean,” she said. If you don’t want to get out the paint can, Lisa recommends Magic Eraser as a smart option for high-traffic areas.

Scuff marks on floors are inevitable. Start with a good door mat and consider removing shoes to reduce heel scratches and tracking in of dirt or germs. Depending upon traffic, sweep or vacuum regularly and Lisa says never use water on hardwood floors. Consult with your flooring company for their product recommendation and avoid using vinegar based treatments which can dull the finish long-term.

Home Tips, LCT Team - Parks

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