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Home Selling To-Don’ts – Part 2

I can’t tell you how often my clients tell me that they’ve really wanted to sell their home for YEARS, but were daunted by the seemingly endless list of “to-do’s” to get their home market ready. And, I’m not going to lie… there are definitely some important things that every savvy homeowner needs to do to ensure their home is shown in the best possible light. I’ve written about these things a bit. Okay, a lot. So, I thought I’d switch things up and write about some “to don’ts!” Imagine… selling your home AND getting a reprieve from the laundry list of not-so-fun tasks. I wrote about some of my personal “to-don’ts” last week. The following are “to-don’ts” that I happily share with my clients, but can’t take personal credit for… they are tips that all good Realtors should share with their home-selling clients!

  1. DON’T go it alone. Now, I know that this tip seems self-serving. Obviously, selling homes is my bread and butter and I’d LOVE to help you sell your home. But I have plenty of friends who use other professionals to help them buy and sells their homes and I’d tell them the same thing. DON’T go for the FSBO! In today’s market, there are more disclosure laws and liability issues than ever before. Buying and selling a home requires incredible attention to multiple details and the most important detail you can do to ensure you’re getting the most for your home is to hire a reputable real estate professional.
  2. DON’T skip the marketing. See tip #1… a seasoned Realtor will make sure that your home is marketed in the best possible light. In today’s hot market, it’s not enough to stick a bright FOR SALE sign in your front yard and hope for the best. You need to customize your marketing to your home, your neighborhood and your town. Glossy flyers and informational brochures with lots of pretty professional photos can help set your home above the rest.
  3. DON’T get emotionally involved. Again, working with a Realtor will help you stay objective. It can be difficult to read comment cards from prospective buyers and not freak out over every little criticism. I’ve worked with clients who want to change tiny things because of a comment that someone left after an open house. Trust your Realtor to give you good advice about what you need to do and then don’t worry about the rest. Besides, these not-so helpful hints are often contradictory. One buyer might dislike the “bland” color palette while another wouldn’t like twice at a brightly painted kitchen. Your Realtor knows best.
  4. DON’T get offended by low-ball offers. It’s important to remember that there are two very important (and very different) sides to this home-selling coin. You, of course, want the best (read most) price for your home… a home you’ve loved and cherished and might even be a bit sad to leave. The buyer, on the other hand, wants to pay the best (read least) price. Just because they low-ball doesn’t mean they don’t love your house. Remember that any offer opens the doors of negotiation. Keep your head on straight, work with your Realtor and prepare a counter-offer.

See how freeing it is to realize all the things you DON’T have to do. Really, the only thing left is to give me a call so I can help you capitalize on real estate’s hottest home-selling season. It rhymes with RING and it’s happening now!

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