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Home Staging, Good Preparation Sell Houses

Before, After, Exterior, LCT Team Listing, 9233 Old Smyrna Road, Brentwood, TN

No one’s home is perfect and the LCT Team works to make each new home listing as pretty as possible using home staging and editing as an important advantage.

Home Staging – Home Selling Advantage

Lisa Culp Taylor, head of LCT Team – Parks Realty, shared in a Tennessean interview the importance of editing and staging a home as you prepare to list it from the exterior to the pantry.

“Making a home as close to perfect as possible is important as we list for sale a person’s most important asset,” Lisa said. “I work very closely with home owners from exterior curb appeal to styling and presentation of each room. When our LCT Team shares our magical formula in the beginning, it makes the selling process go much more smoothly.”

Home Staging, Condo, Dining Room, LCT Team Listing, Franklin, TN

Clean surfaces and editing loved ones’ photos helps potential home owners visualize a future. (LCT Team Listing – Jamison Station Condo, Franklin, TN)

Exterior Before And After

Lisa and the LCT Team work on all details of the home presentation from suggesting new carpet or floor finishing for homes with beloved pets to creating a fresh exterior.
The home below is one of the most unique properties in the heart of Brentwood, Tennessee. Gated on approximately 17 acres off Old Smyrna Road, the home has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms and five fireplaces! One of the important elements completeling the picturesque listing was a fresh coat of paint.

Before, After, Exterior, LCT Team Listing, 9233 Old Smyrna Road, Brentwood, TN

LCT Team Listing- 9233 Old Smyrna Road, Brentwood

Staging Newly Built Homes

Staging a home with pretty vignettes helps potential owners visualize their story in a beautiful new home. Many people can’t see potential says Lisa and staging shows them how it could be.
The LCT Team has several members who specializing in the sale of new homes throughout Middle Tennessee. The team also partners with award-winning builders Legend Homeson the sale of the luxury homes from the Hideaway at Arrington to the Grove and Benington neighborhoods. Legend VP Andy Ferguson said staging helps the home look inviting and comfortable.

Home Staging, Living Room, Hideaway at Arrington, Built by Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks Realty

“Lisa and her staging partners bring an objective eye to a home by quickly identifying ways to improve the spaces and make them appealing,” Andy said. “Staged homes tend to sell faster and get a better price.”

Home Staging, Benington Neighborhood, Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

The LCT Team experts helps homes look visually inviting says Legend Homes VP Andy Ferguson. (LCT Team Listing – 205 Belgian Rd. Nolensville, Tennessee)

The LCT Team is also working with the Ferguson family on the sale of their home at 206 Franklin Road. Check it out here.

Home Staging, Andy Ferguson, LCT Team - Parks Realty

The LCT Team has worked with Legend Homes VP Andy Ferguson’s new homes as well as listing his personal home in historic Franklin currently available. (LCT Team Listing – 206 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN)

Edit Your Home Before Listing

One of the many services the LCT Team provides is helping home owners edit and prepare their home for listing. LCT Team Realtor Marabeth Poole said there are several important steps to take which she lists here:

Home Staging, Dining Room, 2060 Hillsboro Road, LCT Team - Parks Realty

  • Curb Appeal – Begin where someone visiting your home arrives, at the curb. Make sure all debris is cleaned up, trees are trimmed and freshen up your front door entry with a new rug, home address numbers and a storm door if needed.
  • If necessary, rent a storage unit, head to Goodwill or plan a big garage sale. Remove all the clutter from your counter tops, tables and furniture. Also, tone down the loved ones’ photos. You want the potential home buyer to visual themselves filling the space!
  • You may have loved that periwinkle powder room for years but now is the time to tone down all the color. See our last point. Help the future home owner put their own stamp on the space!
  • Eliminate odors. Be sure someone else helps you critique your home. We make sure the home smells neutral even if that means recommending new carpet. It is one of the first roadblocks for a potential sale and can easily be remedied with neutralizing sprays, removing the source, like a litter box, and bringing in fresh flowers.

Looking For A New Home Or Hoping To Sell

If you are looking for a new home with great features or to sell your existing home, contact the LCT Team today at 615.595.588 or click here to see new listings. The nine-person real estate team, led by Lisa Culp Taylor, has new homes available weekly!

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