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Home Staging, Wine Rooms, New Neighborhoods – Tennessean Interviews LCT Team Experts

Holiday Decorating, LCT Team - Parks, Nashville

From holiday home staging and wine rooms to new neighborhoods and renting when necessary, the Tennessean recently interviewed several LCT Team – Parks home experts for their advice. Here’s more.

Home Staging During The Holidays

When your home is for sale during the holidays, it can prove to be a difficult balance between no decorations and going overboard. Luckily, LCT Realtor Holly Hockaday has some tips for tastefully decorating a home for sale during the holidays she shared in this recent Tennessean interview.

“I always recommend to my clients that they declutter everything. Less is more, and when you are selling your home, it needs to feel nice and airy. Christmas is such a friends-and-family-oriented holidaythat I wouldn’t discourage anyone from decorating, but you don’t want a potential buyer to think they’ve walked into the North Pole.”

Holiday Decorating, LCT Team - Parks, Nashville

This beautiful new home by a LCT Team – Parks client is a great example of tasteful holiday decor.

For starters, the tree is safe to stay. The tree can be especially useful if the home has high ceilings to show off, but it’s important to remember to keep it simple. Holly says, “Having a tree up can help a family looking at your home know where they will put their own tree if they were to buy the house, so I think it can be a good tool when decorating your home for the holidays. Just don’t overdo it.”

LCT Team Holiday Decorating Tips

When it comes to overall décor, try and depersonalize all the items that you can. Even though personal decorations, especially things the kids have made, are important to you, they won’t be to potential buyers and they may make the home seem cluttered. If you’re used to putting up a lot of lights and other outdoor decor, keep it basic this year and stick to a few indoor decorations.

Holly Hockaday, LCT Team - Parks Realty, Nashville

Holly Hockaday, LCT Team – Parks Realty

Also, remember that people coming to see your home may not share your same religious beliefs. So, stick to seasonal décor as much as possible instead of having a bunch of religious items out. Overall, trust the advice of the experts. “It’s easy to get distracted with your décor,” Holly says. “So, listen to the advice of your Realtor or stager. You have to keep the holiday décor minimal, so buyers can actually focus on your home.”Want to buy or sell a home? Click here for more info on working with Holly

Wine Rooms

Wine rooms remain a popular home feature and the Tennessean checked in with LCT Team Realtor Megan Jones in this Sunday storyon a variety of styles popular with her clients and it featured LCT Team client Legend Homes.

Wine rooms are a great way for wine lovers to display their tastes and passion says Megan and it can become very artful.

Home Staging, Wine Rooms, New Neighborhoods – Tennessean Interviews LCT Team Experts

This beautiful wine room is located in picturesque custom estate home in Tullahoma. Click here for listing information.

“No matter the price point, a wine element from racks to dedicated rooms are popular. For some people it’s a piece of art. They’ll put an art light on a particular bottle, just like a spotlight on a painting or sculpture.”

Megan Jones, LCT Team-Parks

Megan Jones, LCT Team – Parks Realty

Megan further explains no matter how wine is on display in a home, whether it be on a rack, in a bar, or in a full wine room, it becomes a conversation piece. “People are beginning to entertain more at home instead of going out, and said “It’s easier, cozier. It’s a comfortable place to entertain.”

Have a home with unique a pretty features to sell? Here’s more info on working with Megan.


Luxury Homes With Unique Features

It’s no secret that Nashville has grown significantly over recent years. As more people come in, especially professionals and executives, it’s not surprising that the demand for top-tier properties has grown. Head of the LCT Team – Parks, Lisa Culp Taylor, said, “the more Nashville keeps growing, the more homes you’ll see in the upper price range.” Lisa’s listing, 9233 Old Smyrna Road in Brentwood, is a great example and was recently profiled in this Tennessean story.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips. Old Smyrna Road, LCT Team - Parks

It is important to do an exterior visual check of your home as winter approaches. (LCT Team – Parks Listing)


It’s an 8,259-square-foot home sitting on 10-acres and is listed at $2.95 million. “To me it is an heirloom property, the kind you want to pass down,” Lisa says. “The prestige of the location adds to its appeal,” she said. “You’re on Old Smyrna Road, where properties don’t come up very often.” To further add to the home’s appeal, it’s a LEED-Certified home. Lisa explained that features like a slate roof, energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling, reclaimed hardwood floors and bricks, and a rain-capture system that irrigates the lawn decreases the utility costs for the home, as well as its environmental footprint.

Find out more about working with Lisa by clicking here.

When Renting Is The Only Option

Temporary renters are a part of Nashville’s housing market that’s growing. Renting allows new comers to be sure they like a specific area of town before making the commitment to buy says LCT Realtor Michelle Arnold in this recent Tennessean article.

“People want to know the area before they buy – test drive the neighborhood, test drive the city.” Michelle explained. “Those who rent by choice include people who might be first-time buyers saving for their down payment or younger people wanting the city life without the huge financial responsibility. Others rent out of necessities like needing to repair their credit or pay off debts.”


Regardless of why you’re renting, you can still hire a realtor to help you decide what options are best for you. Michelle is a relocation expert and usually asks her clients, “How do you feel about renting for a while?” She explained that renting can help first-time buyers not only save for the down payment, but also help avoid mortgage insurance, which can save them thousands of dollars.

Let Michelle help you make the decision best for you. Click here to find out more about working with Michelle.

Ready To Make A Move?

No matter if you’re ready to buy a new home or sell your current one, the LCT Team – Parks is ready to help you navigate the market. And, be sure to check out all of our current listings by clicking here.

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