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Keeping Your House Tidy While It’s On The Market

So, you decided to take advantage of the suddenly hot market in Middle Tennessee and list your home for sale? Good for you. After spending some quality time with your house, getting it market ready and calling your favorite Realtor, the tough work — for you — is done! Still, most people don’t relish the idea of keeping their home “show-ready” every moment. Hopefully, your home will sell quickly and you’ll soon be on to greener pastures, but at least for a little bit, you’re going to need a plan to keep your home neat and tidy. If you have twenty minutes a day (or twenty minutes notice – eeek!), follow these simple steps and you’ll maintain a sparkling abode with ease.

  1. The kitchen sets the bar for the overall cleanliness of your entire home. To make a great first impression, load the dishwasher with dirty dishes as soon as you use them and keep your sink and countertops free of clutter. Wipe down the sink to eliminate water spots. Wipe down countertops and stovetop, too. Swiffer, sweep or vacuum the kitchen floor. (4 ½ minutes)
  2. Keep pre-moistened wipes in the bathrooms and wipe down the basin and countertops every time you wash your hands. Before tossing, wipe around the edge of the tub and toilet, too. Use a pre-moistened glass wipe to clean mirrors, faucets and shower doors. Consider using a shower mist after every use. (2 minutes)
  3. Your mother was right about this one: MAKE YOUR BED as soon as you get out of it. A tidy bed will inspire you to keep the rest of the room as neat as a pin. Plump pillows, hang or fold clothing neatly and de-clutter the bedside tables. Keep a pre-moistened dust cloth handy for quick swipes over dark wood. (6 ½ minutes)
  4. Zip through the family room, den and foyer. Start with the couches by fluffing pillows and folding throws. Use a handheld vacuum to pick up dust bunnies and crumbs, shine tabletops and furniture with a pre-moistened dusting wipe and recycle magazines and newspapers. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down dust-catching televisions and electronic devices. (6 minutes)

Many clients find it’s best to keep a “go-to” bucket under their sink with Clorox wipes, Pledge wipes and Windex wipes. Grab that bucket when you start in the kitchen and circle back to the same spot twenty minutes later with a clean and lovely domicile. Be sure to vacuum carpets and sweep wood and tile floors each night before your hit the hay. When your home sells, you’ll have become so adept at this quick, new system of cleaning, you’ll find it easy to carry over to your new home!

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