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Kitchen Must Have Features

Legend Homes TN, LCT Team - Parks

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms and home owners have a lot of priorities for this space. The LCT Team – Parks real estate experts shares the latest kitchen trends and popular features highlighting several homes currently available.

611 Fair Street, Garden Gate Homes, LCT Team - Parks

Packed with everything you would need for the perfect kitchen, this Fair Street house, built by Garden Gate Homes, just sold!

Appliances – Gas Range, Double Oven

Whether you meal prep on the weekend or are whipping up dinners daily, the house chef wants appliances to make his or her job easier says LCT Realtor Amy Pappas.

A gas range is a very popular option which makes the cooking process faster and more even. The metal grates are more durable and gas is usually cheaper than electric,” Amy said. “If your home has access to gas, it is a great option, and, usually works even when there is an electrical outrage with a simple match.”

The LCT Team’s recent Instagram poll found 73% of people wanted a double oven. Be sure you check out our #MondayPolls here.

Several current listings have double ovens making holidays and parties much easier.

Gourmet Kitchen, Legend Homes TN, Stephens Valley

This gourmet kitchen available n in pretty Stephens Valley was designed and built by Legend Homes and features a smart double oven.

Homes by Garden Gate, 107 Gist, Franklin, LCT Team - Parks

This new home, built by Garden Gate Homes, is available at 107 Gist Street, in historic downtown Franklin and features a gas range with a smart double oven

Kitchen Open Floor Plan

No one wants to be isolated in the kitchen while the party happens in another room says LCT Team Realtor Michelle Chrest.

“A kitchen which opens to the family room is always a popular feature. The entire area doesn’t have to be open but having a space that allows guests or kids to hang nearby without being under foot is a great feature,” Michelle said.


1115 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, LCT Team - Parks

Warmer cabinets make this kitchen a very welcoming space. Available at 1115 Wilson Pike, the kitchen opens to the breakfast area with stunning views of the gorgeous 4.7 acre property which includes a charming pond!


060 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, LCT Team - Parks Realty

This stunning kitchen, available at 2060 Hillsboro Road in Franklin, has plenty of room for cooking and opens to the charming breakfast area with beautiful views of the large property.


9536 Midlothian Drive, Brentwood, LCT Team - Parks

Good Lighting

Lighting is important to create the perfect kitchen. A kitchen with can lights, pretty pendants or a statement light fixture all work together to provide great lighting options, says LCT Team Realtor Megan Jones.

“You really want options, from morning coffee chats with lower lighting, to needing a bright space on a winter night of home work or cooking,” Megan explained. “And under count lighting is always a nice addition.”

227 Ennismore Lane, Brentwood, LCT Team - Parks

Cooking, homework and entertaining are easy in this pretty home, available at 227 Ennismore Lane in Brentwood’s Annandale neighborhood.

Spacious Pantry

Whether it is an old or new home, a spacious pantry is top of the list for many home buyers says the LCT Team Realtor Vickie Freas.

107 Gist St, Franklin, Garden Gate Homes, LCT Team - Parks

This multi-purpose, large pantry includes tons of great storage and space to create! This home, available at 107 Gist Street in Franklin, was designed and built by Garden Gate Homes.

“With so many kitchen gadgets and gizmos these days, a spacious pantry is a priority. Pantries are serving double duty for food storage and for appliances not used daily like a mixer or food processor,” Vickie said. “It is also smart to put the microwave here as space allows.”

More Features We Love

Farmhouse sinks are a pretty addition, says LCT Realtor Marabeth Poolelike this beautiful 501 Murfreesboro Road listing.

501 Murfreesboro Road

LCT Team Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor loves when a beautiful sink it is paired with a hands-free faucet.

Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team - Parks

Having a touch control sink faucet can make cooking and craft projects so much easier says LCT Team Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor.

Looking For A Real Estate Expert To Buy Or Sell?

If you are thinking of making a move this year, the experts of the LCT Team say now is the time to begin and shared tips in this recent blog and in this Tennessean story. Connect with the LCT Team – Parks today at 615.595.5883.

LCT Team - Parks Realty, July 2019

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