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LCT Voted Favorite Realtor!

LCT Voted Favorite Realtor!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging with breaking news: Our very own Lisa Culp Taylor has been named “Favorite Realtor” by Nashville Lifestyles Magazine! We know, you’re not surprised. Knowing Lisa as we do, we’re not either, but we’re thrilled for her and excited that she’s being recognized for the hard work she puts into building the LCT team! Ever the humble one, Lisa will eschew the praise and deflect to her co-workers. That’s just part of why we love her (and yes, we do have an amazing team!), but the truth is that she’s the captain of this vessel and she’s the reason we’ve set a course for excellence! She sets the example, leads with integrity, demands precision and encourages creativity.

LCT Voted Favorite Realtor! We could spout a bunch of statistics about why and how Lisa came to be named “Favorite Realtor” – her annual million-dollar plus sales records, her innovative and effective marketing strategies, her average number of “days on market” and the number of clients who hire Lisa over and over again – but the real reason we think Lisa is so deserving of this honor is because of the quality of expertise with which she provides her clients. Our copywriter, Leigh, recently sold her Franklin home and (of course!) she hired Lisa as her listing agent. Her testimony provides great insight into why the Nashville Lifestyle readers voted for Lisa. “Even though I’d written and edited marketing material for Lisa for many years, I’d never really seen her in action, but she made our move seriously stress-free. I’d worked myself into a frenzy and bought into that whole ‘moving is one of life’s most stressful events’ nonsense, but when Lisa met with my husband and me, we both left that meeting 100% at ease. Prior to that meeting, I was fixated on exactly when we should list. I didn’t want to sell too soon because I had a child graduating and couldn’t move before the big day. On the other hand, I didn’t want to wait too long, because movers were scheduled and I didn’t want to be paying two mortgages longer than necessary. Lisa came to our meeting armed with calendars and a plan, but most importantly, she came with a confidence and calming attitude that was contagious. So, we went with her plan. She laid out exactly what she thought we should list for to make our house competitive and exactly when we should list to hit that small window of when I wanted to move. And guess what? She was right… 100% correct on every assessment and piece of advice. We had a purchase agreement after one day on the market and closed three weeks later with ZERO stress. Turns out, though, there were some shenanigans on the part of buyer’s Realtor, but Lisa handled all of that without us even knowing it was happening. After the fact, when the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed, she filled us in and I was so grateful for her professionalism. I knew we’d been in the best possible hands.”

So, thank you, dear readers of Nashville Lifestyles! We couldn’t agree more with your assessment and are thrilled that you think Lisa is as wonderful as we do! Congratulations, Lisa!!

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