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New to the LCT Team – Michelle Arnold!

New-to-the-LCT Team – Michelle-Arnold

Change is in the air, people! And, no… I’m not talking about the fact that it is 65 and sunny right this very second, but expected to snow tomorrow! Spring is Middle Tennessee always keeps us on our toes, but I’m a girl who likes new things, so I just roll with it! Speaking of new… the LCT team is welcoming another new member and I couldn’t be more excited to virtually introduce Michelle Arnold to my faithful friends and readers. Michelle has been with PARKS Realty for a bit over a year and is now joining my little tribe as our buyer’s agent.

You might have noticed that Williamson County is kind of hot right now. Lots of new peeps hoping to find a fabulous new home in our fabulous county means that there are more buyers than I know what to do with. Enter Michelle who is already and will continue to be a fabulous addition to our team!

First thing you need to know about Michelle? Ya’ll, this lovely lady is crazy smart. She’s completed her doctoral studies in education and has taught at the collegiate level for many years. While she educated the future teachers of America, Michelle was also stockpiling some pretty significant skills of her own that will serve her well in her new life as a Realtor. We’ve established that she is one smart cookie. She’s also flexible, understands how important it is to be a life-long learner and knows that no matter what her business card says, it’s the connections she makes with people that makes her so incredibly qualified for this job! In fact, when asked what she hopes future clients will say about her, it was “I hope they see me as a friend.” Michelle knows that our business is about relationships and homes. But mostly, relationships. It’s about getting to know clients, listening to their hopes and dreams, helping them hone a wish list and guiding them to their ultimate goal: a home where they will continue to build connections with their families and friends.

While Michelle was spending all those years “professoring,” she still had a toe in the real estate market as her husband is a custom home builder. His enthusiasm for the world of new homes must have been contagious because he and Michelle have actually built several of their own homes. Building a home is an education in and of itself and Michelle – unlike many – enjoyed each and every step of the process. It also gave her insight into the minutiae of building the best lives, not just the best houses. Whether you’re building a new home or hoping to purchase an existing home, Michelle’s expertise, both personally and professionally, will be an asset!

Michelle and her family live in Franklin. She knows this market well. She’s a mom to three beautiful daughters so she also knows how busy our lives are and she has what it takes to help our clients navigate the process of finding and then buying a new home with the least amount of stress possible. We are thrilled to welcome her to the team and encourage you to reach out to Michelle if you’re in the market for a new home in Middle Tennessee!

Michelle can be reached at 615.579.8139.

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