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Positive Building Experience, Team, Quality Define Legend Homes

Doug Herman, Andy Ferguson, Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

A positive building experience, quality and an outstanding building team set Legend Homes apart according to their clients which means so much to Andy Ferguson, company vice president.

“Over and over again our clients tell us the building experience was so positive and that’s exactly what we want as we create beautiful homes with one of the top teams in Middle Tennessee,” says Andy.


Andy Ferguson, Doug Herman, Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

Legend Homes VP Andy Ferguson with partner and company president, Doug Herman.


Habitat for Humanity Sparks Future Legend Homes Career for Andy Ferguson

Studying natural resources at Sewanee, the University of the South, Andy’s summer internship with Habitat for Humanity indirectly shaped the road he would take post-graduation.

“I had worked for Habitat for Humanity during a college internship in San Antonio and got my first experience building homes. I love the process of seeing something take shape and the end result. It was very fulfilling working with tradesmen and the homeowners,” Andy said.

Ultimately, the Atlanta native recognized that Nashville in 2001 was a smaller town ripe for opportunity and growth. He landed a job as a field manager for a semi-custom home builder gaining a lot of valuable experience before later on joining Legend Homes where today he serves as vice president and company partner.


Gourmet Kitchen, Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

The LCT Team – Parks sold this beautiful home in Stephens Valley for Legend Homes.

Creating A Legend

As everyone knows, it takes a lot of ingredients to create a legend. Andy says the building team first and foremost wants the building experience to be positive.

“Our team has taken years to perfect the process of building a home so the experience is pleasant and positive. We combine that process with the thought and expertise which goes into designing a floor plan it is livable and meets the clients’ needs. This is all implemented using the best practices for building with one of the best teams in town,” Andy explains. “To do a great job, it takes great people. At Legend, Doug and I have 15 passionate people doing incredible work and making this all possible.”


Legend Homes, Stephens Valley, LCT Team - Parks

Source: LCT Team – Parks

How Do You Anticipate Clients’ Needs

If you read Andy’s company bio here, it talks about anticipating clients‘ needs.

“For myself and my team, anticipating a clients’ needs requires getting to know them from that first conversation. It is organic from asking questions to understanding how they live in their home. With our experience, it helps us help them through the creative process which makes for a better home and experience,” Andy said.


Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

Source: Legend Homes


Best Advice On Building A Home

A lot of people don’t know the building process. Floor plan first? Land first? Builder first? Andy says the builder is your guide and liaison because they are implementing it, making it work and creating your dream.

“Start with reputable builder and you’ll save a lot of frustration and time. We get calls frequently from folks moving to town who might have bought a property or created a plan. We ask what is your budget and then many times are presented a plan that is twice or three times the budget. Interview and connect with a builder early and you’ll be a lot happier with the end result,” Andy said.


Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

Did You Know Andy Can….

When asked what would surprise us about builder Andy Ferguson he quickly shared he’s in a band! If you read our profile of his partner, Doug Herman, Doug is the drummer for this band, which by the way has no name!


Andy Ferguson, Doug Herman, Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks


Tongue and cheek Andy shares it has been one of the greatest accomplishments of his life to be invited as a lowly, back up guitarist.

“Maybe it is a joke to say that but this has been so much fun and I’ve never been happier. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to play locally three times this year so stay tuned,” Andy said. The LCT Team – Parks will definitely promote this on our Facebook page or Instagram so click here to follow. We also share the latest Legend homes available!


Andy Ferguson, Legend Homes, LCT Team - Parks

Andy and his wife, Cara, a dedicated BGA teacher, live in downtown Franklin with their two kiddos. “Partnering with Cara on life and work makes it all possible.” (Photo by Kristen Reed)


Let The LCT Team – Parks Connect You To A Legend Home

The LCT Team – Parks is a big part of the sales process for our market homes Andy shared.

“With our overall approach for building, Lisa and her team have the same passion with expertise, attention-to-detail, marketing savvy and an incredible real estate network. It is a similar approach and we work very well together. In terms of understanding the market, Lisa brings new construction expertise as well as an understanding of the Middle Tennessee market,” Andy said.


Margaret Orton, Stacey Wessner, Doug Herman, Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team – Parks’ Realtors Lisa Culp Taylor and Margaret Orton joined Doug Herman and Stacey Wessner in celebrating their cover of their Stephens Valley home in Nashville Interiors magazine.

In addition to creating custom homes, Legend has had great success with the turn-key market homes they are building in Hardeman Springs and Stephens Valley saving clients time and money in the process.

“Lisa and the LCT Team understand our process and are selling many homes under construction and in rendering phase. We have great home sites in premier Williamson County communities and are matching this with incredible floor plans and top-level designer finishes,” Andy said.

Contact The LCT Team – Parks Today!

Thinking of buying or selling in Middle Tennessee? Consistently earning top real estate team for Parks Realty, the LCT Team – Parks are known for commitment, professionalism and attention-to-detail as they go above and beyond to help their buying & selling clients with an expansive real estate network and proven sales and marketing formula. Contact them today at 615.595.5883.


LCT Team - Parks, July 2020

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