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Quality, Craftsmanship, Communication Define Builders Donnelly-Timmons & Assoc.

Donnelly-Timmons, Norfleet rendering, LCT Team - Parks

For almost twenty years, Donnelly-Timmons & Associates has been building fine custom homes, additions, renovations and now market homes throughout Southern Davidson County to Brentwood, Tennessee. Their homes are characterized by quality, uniqueness and craftsmanship.


Donnelly-Timmons, Radnor Lake home, LCT Team - Parks

Quality, Craftsmanship, Communication

We build everything from Modern Farmhouse and French Country to Traditional and Contemporary says Joey Donnelly. He and partner, Dustin Timmons, started the Donnelly-Timmons & Associates in 2001.

“We aren’t known for a certain style and this diversity helps us hone our skills. You will be able to tell it is one of our homes because it is well done, to the utmost standard and quality,” Joey said.

Exterior, Donnelly-Timmons, LCT Team - Parks


One element which separates the duo from their competitors is the lack of a middle person between the client and the building project. “In addition to dividing the duties of the company between us, Dustin and I each serve as project manager for each home and this means we have excellent communication throughout the build,” he explained.

Another unique element about Donnelly-Timmons is they operate on a cost plus fixed fee contract. “We don’t charge a percentage of anything or mark items up. Our discounts are passed along to the homeowners including sharing the receipts. It behooves us to be as efficient as possible and allows the client to prioritize their budget,” Joey said.


Donnelly-Timmons, Radnor Lake home, LCT Team - Parks


Donnelly-Timmons has begun creating one-of-a-kind market homes for the past three years with partner Dave Becker helping them branch out into this market.

“What you get from Donnelly-Timmons is the highest quality home. I’ve learned a lot about building from lumber to high-end tile and woodwork. When you have a custom home builder building an incredible spec home with a great architect and interior designer, the buyer on the other end is very lucky,” Dave said.

Partnering with Lisa Culp Taylor, the LCT Team – Parks has been a great experience says Dave.

“When I met Lisa years ago, we clicked and have since sold several homes with her. I love her honesty and she looks after my best interest not hers. When you trust someone who cares more about their clients than just selling their homes, it means something.”

With the gorgeous Radnor Lake home now under contract, Dave said this positive experience has them looking for the next unique, great opportunity to create another amazing, warm, inviting home.


Donnelly-Timmons, 1021 Norfleet, LCT Team - Parks


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LCT Team - Parks, photo by Nashville Lifestyles

Left to right the LCT Team – Parks Realtors Marabeth Poole, Vickie Freas, Megan Jones Campbell, Margaret Flowers Orton, Lisa Culp Taylor and Amy Pappas. (Photo by Nashville Lifestyles)

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