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Reducing Stress On Pets When Selling Your Home

Reducing Stress On Pets When Selling Your Home, LCT Team - Parks

There are a lot of steps homeowners must take when preparing a home for selling and reducing stress on pets during the process is important too.


Reducing Pet Stress When Moving, LCT Team - Parks

Having a game plan for pets when showing a home reduces stress for everyone says Realtor Vickie Freas. One of her recent listings had a clever dog wash with a Dutch door.

Making Home Selling Process Easier On Pets

The LCT Team – Parks is a real estate team full of pet lovers and here’re some of our top tips on helping your pets through the home selling process.

First, you definitely need to have a plan for how you will handle showings which is something we do when working with clients with cats, dogs or any pet. The homeowner needs to share the plan with the listing agent so everyone understands how to prepare for showings says LCT Team – Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor.

“Creating a game plan and communicating it is something I always make sure to cover with my clients. No animal is going to be let out on my watch if they are in the home. That’s a top priority. Personally, if I have strangers in my home, I love to take my crew by Starbucks for a Puppaccino,” Lisa said.


Dozer Amdahl, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team – Parks team member, Annette Amdahl, treats her dog, Dozer, to a delicious Starbuck Puppaccino.


Take your pet with you when your home is being shown, if at all possible, says Realtor Vickie Freas.

“I have seven dogs and know very well how territorial they can be when strange people are walking through the home even if they are in a crate. I think it is always best to take your pet out when your home is showing even if it is just for a walk around the neighborhood,” Vickie said.


Vickie Freas, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team – Parks Realtor Vickie Freas son, Samuel, with Justice, a beautiful Great Pyreneeds/Anatolian Shepherd.


Also crate the family cat if possible, says Vickie, and put the crate in the room they like to hang out in and maybe cover it so they feel safe in a hiding spot.

Be sure you dog is getting a lot of exercise during this period of time says Realtor Ashley Burns. “It can really help with anxiety if you make sure your dog is getting extra exercise while your home is on the market.”

Ashley has several Williamson County dog parks she loves with The Park at Harlinsdale Farm top of her list in Franklin. Click here for more info.

Abandonment issues definitely surface when moving to a new home says Vickie. “Our pets can get anxious just seeing a suitcase being packed! The fear of being left behind is real. If you can, take your dog with you to the new home before it closes and let them sniff around. It helps them process the move,” Vickie says. “Once the move starts, I would move the dog and his or her crate to the new house with the first truck load. Bring your pet back and forth with you on light loads so they’ll know they are getting to move too. Let them also walk through the old house once it is empty.”

Sometimes it requires extra effort to help pets transition to a new space but it is certainly worth it in the long run to help reduce pet anxiety.

You might also consider asking a friend or relative to help with pet care during showings says Realtor Megan Jones Campbell.

“I have Great Dane and there’s no way I could ride around all weekend with a 175- pound dog and my children as well if my house was being shown. I suggest finding a family member or neighbor where your pet could hang out especially if you have back-to-back showings or an open house,” Megan said.


Megan Jones Campbell, Great Dane, LCT Team - Parks

Realtor Megan Jones Campbell with her Great Dane, Bruno.


Realtor Margaret Flowers Orton’s clients were just featured in a Tennessean article on what do to with pets during a showing. Her smart clients, Hillary and Marvyn Hortman, regularly loaded up their four dogs and headed to the dog park during showings. Click here for the full story.


Reducing Pet Stress When Moving, LCT Team - Parks

These cute pups belong to Realtor Margaret Flowers Orton clients, the Hortmans, and were featured in this Tennessean article on showing homes with pets.

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