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Seasonal Organization Brings Year-Round Happiness

LCT Team Seasonal Organization

If you grew up dreading spring cleaning, our solution for you is seasonal organizing as we chime in on the current rage of smart home organization.

Seasonal Organization, 1221 Echo Lane, Dining Room, LCT Team

Do you seasonally decorate your dining room table or need everything in its place? (Current Listing – 1221 Echo Lane, Franklin)

Seasonal Organizing

Hear us out. If you take on the chore of organizing by committing to four serious home updates, organizing or edits, it will be an on-going process for you and not a two-day or more affair.

Here are some of our tips for taking on this new way of thinking.

Lisa Culp Taylor, Megan Jones, LCT Team - Parks

Does the thought of a huge spring cleaning make you a little crazy? (Lisa Culp Taylor & Megan Jones in current co-listing w/ PARKS Broker Danny Anderson611 Fair Street, Franklin, TN)

Home Organizing Tips

We aren’t suggesting you Marie Kondo your whole life and spend the rest of the year wondering why you threw everything out lol! But, here are some basic tips to get your going and to keep you happily organizing as you go along.

  1. Set a goal of organizing at the change of each season around mid- March, June, September, and December – either as you are grabbing seasonal décor or putting it up.
  2. Purchase the right size containers and as you fill them up, commit to purging rather than buying more!
  3. Ever found the perfect item in one color and thought…hey I’ll buy them in every color? Do you really need both?
  4. Resist free or unnecessary items which are no-cost and sources of clutter like giveaways, hand-me downs, presents (you feel like you have to keep) and inherited items. This is a tough onebecause grief can make it hard to let go. Be sure the items bring you the most joy and memories instead of obligation.
  5. You’ll reduce clutter by reducing your purchases! Are you that person who goes to Target or Costco for trash bags and comes out with a $140 bill? Create a list on your phone’s notes app or a hard copy and then commit and remain focused on what you actually need to replenish or buy. Good luck!

Holly Hockaday, LCT Team - ParksJPG

LCT Team Realtor Holly Hockaday uses an iPad to make a list in her notes app then texting to herself to remain focused on only what she needs!

New Book From The Home Edit Experts

We’ve had the pleasure of working with one of The Home Edit experts and can say first hand, these ladies are hard-working geniuses which is why they have caught on nationwide.

The Home Edit, Source -

Source: The Home Edit

With a new approach to home organizing by thinking about your things in groupings and how they “flow” through your space – it completely transforms the way you live and now you can get their expert advice in a new book coming out in March.

The Home Edit new book,

Source: The Home Edit

“By editing every room and organizing your things in a functional way (which takes a little time and effort, but is key to a lasting effect), you’ll treasure your home more and save money by not buying what you already have,” says The Home Edit team.

Their book, “The Home Organization Method That Will Change Your Life,” releases March 19 and you can pre-order here. They have a March 30 book signing at Parnassus Books which is already sold out so look for more dates by following them here on Instagram.

Need Help Prepping Your Home For Sale?

If you are thinking of selling your home in spring of 2019, the experts of the LCT Team say now is the time to begin and shared tips in this recent blog and in this Tennessean story. Connect with the LCT Team – Parks today at 615.595.5883 and here’s video introduction to the Parks team of real estate experts.

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