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Spring DON’Ts – Intro

Spring has sprung and that means one thing… the FOR SALE signs will soon start sprouting in yards all over the country. Even the novice home seller knows that spring is the IT season for selling homes.

Buyers are emerging from their winter’s slumber, often have fat tax refunds and are enticed by pretty lawns blooming with new growth and homes sparkling in the sunlight. I’ve written extensively about things you should DO to get your home sale ready, but there are actually some DON’Ts, too, so we’ll investigate those topics over the next few weeks. Aren’t you so relieved that I’m actually taking things off your “to-do” list? While this post is simply an introduction to the “DON’Ts” series, I’d be remiss if I didn’t elaborate on a few of my personal don’t’s in this post. These are tidbits I share with every potential client as we discuss the possibility of me and my team helping them sell their home.

DON’T #1: DON’T overprice your house. If I had a nickel for every time I uttered, “There’s a fine line between overpriced and priced correctly,” I’d be able to buy your house and pay cash. As your Realtor, my first and most important job is to guide you and help you price your home to sell. Yes, we want to get the most for your home, but we also want offers. As a seller, you always have the right to say NO to an offer (or counteroffer), but if you never receive an offer, you have nothing to negotiate. And believe me, coming up with the right price isn’t a guessing game… a well-qualified Realtor will take numerous factors into account when helping you price your home for the best possible outcome!

DON’T #2: DON’T talk to neighbors about any offers, counter-offers, negotiations or the like. It can be difficult to play things close to the vest, especially if you’re very friendly with your neighbors. But, even the most well-meaning neighbor can inadvertently sabotage a sale if they happen to have a “casual” conversation with potential buyers. I’ve borne witness to the most awkward chats that usually go something like this… “It’s a great neighborhood, I just don’t know why that home hasn’t sold yet.” Or… “They had an offer, but it didn’t work out.” Your neighbors will be, understandably, anxious about your home sale. They want to make sure that they get new neighbors who are as awesome as you are! And in their attempt to bond with potential buyers (and their new neighbors!), they might accidently thwart a possible offer!

DON’T #3: Speaking of neighbors… DON’T be afraid to have a chat with them before you list your home for sale. Let them know when you’ll be hammering that FOR SALE sign in the front yard and enlist their help in keeping their yards mowed, their flower beds weeded, and their barking dogs inside. When mentioned in the “helping to keep the neighborhood property values high,” these little requests are usually met with success!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we talk about more home sale DON’Ts, but DO call me if you want to capitalize on this prime home-selling season! Happy spring, friends!

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