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Stretching Summer Fun: LCT Team Top Ideas

Stretching Summertime Fun_ LCT Team Top Ideas

Technically, summer won’t end until September 23 this year, and some of the LCT Team are sharing their favorite ideas to stretch the summer fun! From state parks to petting zoos, here are some of their top ideas for family activities.

Exploring Parks And Rivers

Beginning with some budget-friendly fun, exploring Middle Tennessee’s beautiful parks and rivers is a great way to get your kids off their electronic gadgets, into nature and for free!

Realtor Amy Pappas, Harpeth River, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team – Parks Realtor Amy Pappas with son, Landon, enjoying the Harpeth River.

Realtor Amy Pappas says her playing in the Harpeth River is a great outdoor activity her kiddos, Sophia and Landon, enjoy.

“We use the Ladd Park river access and there is a great map for public access throughout Williamson County. It includes information on water levels for canoeing so you can enjoy floating the river,” Amy said.

Check out Paddle Dog Adventures specializing in self-powered watercraft operating on Westhaven Lake and the Harpeth River. You can begin in the Westhaven neighborhood and they will pick you up as well, Amy says.

Here is the map and click here for information on accessing and enjoying the Harpeth River.

Harpeth River Access Map, LCT Team - Parks

Realtor Vickie Freas recommends Harper River State Park. “It is free and located in Kingston Springs. You can canoe, kayak, fish and hike.”

Samuel Freas, LCT Team - Parks

Realtor Vickie Freas son, Samuel, enjoys hiking and the beautiful Middle Tennessee parks.

Puppies, Horses And Goats – Oh My!

Rescue puppies need a lot of love until they find their forever home. Amy’s kiddos, Sophia and Landon, enjoying visiting the cute pups which is always fun!

Realtor Amy Pappas, LCT Team - Parks

Rescue puppies needs lots of love, says Realtor Amy Pappas. She and her children love to visit them.

And, Lucky Ladd Ag-venture Farm Fun Park is a favorite spot for the whole LCT Team! This rain or shine park is located in Eagleville and has regular activities planned from the beginning of April ending the beginning of November and is closed for winter.

Samuel Freas, Lucky Ladd Farms, LCT Team - Parks

Realtor Vickie Freas son, Samuel, makes a new friend at Lucky Ladd Farms.

Realtor Amy Pappas children, Lucky Ladd Farms

The entire LCT Team – Parks loves Lucky Ladd Farms, including Realtor Amy Pappas children, Landon and Sophia.

“My grandkids love Lucky Ladd Farms and the Nashville Zoo. We also just found a place in Cool Springs, The Monkey’s Treehouse which is great for kids 6 and under,” Michelle said.

Family Time

Whether it is a family reunion, swimming in a friends pool, boating on the water or enjoying a fair, togetherness seems to be the most important element for stretching summer time fun!

Realtor Megan Jones children, LCT Team - Parks

The Tennessee State Fair begins September 6-15 says Megan Jones. Her kids, pictured here at the Williamson County Fair, are big fans!

“We love swim time, playing on the school playground, roller skating, and, of course, supporting Friday night lights with our Fairview Yellow Jackets!” says Realtor Megan Jones.

Realtor Megan Jones and her cheerleading daughter,

Megan Jones and her cheerleading daughter love Friday night football supporting their Fairview Yellow Jackets.

Realtor Marabeth Poole, family reunion

Getting together with her family and siblings is big part of summertime fun for Realtor Marabeth Poole.

Lake time fun is also a big pastime for Realtor Michelle Chrest and her grandkids, Wiley, Lana and Oakland.

Realtor Michelle Chrest, lake fun, LCT Team - Parks

Lake time fun is always a big part of Realtor Michelle Chrest’s fun time with her family including her adorable grand kids!

Frist Museum

Finally, super hot days are the perfect time to head indoor. Nashville has one of the most prestigious art museums in the country, the Frist. Amy Pappas head to the downtown Nashville museum this summer.

Realtor Amy Pappas, Frist Art Museum, LCT Team - Parks.

Frist Art Museum is a great pace for cool summertime fun.

Find A Home With Room To Play

When not on adventures or playing with thekids, the LCT Team – Parks is very busy helping find and sell homes for their clients all over the Williamson County and Nashville area. Check out this home owner’s tour of a property currently available and click here for a full listing of homes.

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