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Summer Fun Isn’t Over Yet!

That collective sigh of relief you heard this morning? 50,000 Williamson County parents who sent their munchkins back to school. That was followed by the wail of 25,000 students forced onto buses and into carpools who were none too happy about their summer coming to an end. Even my friends admit that as parents, they’re often sad to see summer wind down. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to!! This weekend alone is a blockbuster bonanza of summer fun in Williamson County, so hang onto some of that summer mojo and avoid the inevitable for a few more days!!

The Williamson County Fair opens today and runs through August 13th. Ya’ll… this fair puts other fairs to shame. It’s not just funnel cakes and heart-pumping rides (although there are plenty of those for you thrill seekers!), but art expos and photography exhibits and generally a really cool vibe that is, I swear, unique to Williamson County. The Fair has something for everyone and something for all ages. If they sold season passes, I’d be first in line because you really can’t do it all in one day. To check out info about ticket sales, hours and attractions, click here.

Hey, ladies… deep fried Oreos not your style? Then send the hubby and kids to the fair and you have fun at Girls Night Out at the Franklin Theatre. They’re showing Bridget Jones Diary (yep, the original – nostalgia galore!!!) AND offering free popcorn to ladies who wear their PJ’s. This, of course, is to get us ready for the new Bridget Jones movie that is coming out in a few weeks. And there’s another movie in between the original and this new flick that you’ll need to Netflix as soon as you get home. My point? Tonight’s show (starting at 7:00) promises to be a blast from the past! Check for ticket availability here.

Saturday morning offers a chance to get your cardio on with the “Rippin’ Run” benefitting the American Cancer Society and Rippaville Plantation in Spring Hill. Be warned: this is a “mud run,” and designed for the entire family, so you’ll need to bring a change of clothes or risk driving home naked. In the spirit of full disclosure, you would NEVER – NOT EVER, EVER, EVER – catch me running in the mud, but friends who are into this sort of thing swear they are fun and totally worth the 82 showers you’ll need to get clean again. The event starts at Rippaville Plantation at 8:00 a.m. Learn more here.

Tonight also offers Williamson County folks a chance to feel oh-so-fancy with the monthly “Franklin Art Scene” sponsored by the Downtown Franklin Association. On the first Friday of each month, local craftsman flood the streets and shops of downtown Franklin to show off their newest creations. Novices and art connoisseurs alike seem to love this event that showcases everything from blown glass to woodworking to mixed media. Many of the galleries and studios will be offering complimentary snacks and drinks. Just remember: pinkies up! We’re channeling our fancy!
So, tell your kiddos to stop crying over their school supply lists because summer in our fair city is far from over as the above events prove! Take advantage of these opportunities to fall in love with WilCo all over again and bribe the kids with a few of those funnel cakes. If you wear them out sufficiently on Sunday evening at the fair, they might just make their new back to school bedtime!

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