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Thank you! LCT Wins 2017 SIZZLE Award



WARNING: Lisa’s blog has been temporarily hijacked by her beloved minions because she’s too modest to shout this from the rooftop, but: OUR GIRL WAS NAMED ONE OF THE TOP FIVE REALTORS IN WILLIAMSON COUNTY! She’s a SIZZLE AWARD WINNER FOR 2017. We’re not a bit surprised because we work with her and we can testify that the woman DOES. NOT. STOP. Several of us suspect that she doesn’t sleep. She’s just that busy wheeling and dealing to get the very best deals for her clients. And obviously, her clients adore her for it because they voted for her!! You like her. You really like her!

The Sizzle Awards are a yearly contest sponsored by Southern Exposures Magazine, and the Williamson Herald. This year’s contest was the tenth consecutive year for recognizing the local and small businesses that help make our county so special. According to SEM’s website, “The Sizzle Awards are the best of the best businesses of Williamson as voted by the public. received 1 Million votes to help determine who Williamson County views as the best businesses for Cuisine, Healthcare, Personal and Business Services, and more.

So, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for recognizing what Lisa gives to this community. In a bustling market like Williamson County, it could be hard to realize how special Lisa really is. Real estate transactions are a whirlwind and Lisa handles all the upheaval and chaos with so much grace and calmness. She almost makes it look easy, but make no mistake. She sweats the small stuff so her clients do have to. She’s so much more than the person who will sell your home. She’s the person you trust with your greatest investment. She’s savvy, smart, sensitive and so, so honest. And we’re honored to work for her and with her and we’re so proud of this recognition.

Hey… Parks Realty was also named a top five Real Estate firm! No surprise there, either, but it really made our day, week, and month! Congrats to all the SIZZLE award winners and thank you again!

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