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Tips On Living Like A Local

Live Like A Local, LCT Team - Parks Franklin, TN

The quality of life, seasons, less stress, and no income tax has brought you to Middle Tennessee. Now, we want to help you live like a local and love it even more!

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The pretty change of seasons are one reason people are moving to Middle Tennessee.

Living Like A Local – Pro Tips

With many of the LCT Team – Parks born and raised in Middle Tennessee, watching the area grow and develop has been a part of life. The team pulled together top six pro tips for living like a local….and loving it!

  1. Master The Wave
  2. The first time you drove in Nashville, Franklin or any of the surrounding communities, you probably wondered why is everyone waving at me? It’s Southern friendly 101 and it doesn’t mean slow down, your lights are on, your gas tank is open or heaven forbid, you’ve slammed your dress in the car door. It simply means hey. And, when that wave is shared, it makes the day even better and makes for a friendlier neighborhood. You’ll soon start doing it without even thinking about it. We do.

    Tips On Living Like A Local, The Wave, LCT Team - Parks

  3. Traffic Etiquette
  4. Now that you’ve mastered the wave, driving in traffic is definitely a team sport. You’ve heard of the turn right on red at a traffic light? Well, the key to good traffic etiquette is let the next person in line merge. It makes everything run much smoother and, honestly, it just makes you feel like you’ve done a good deed for the day. And, when the person in front of you at the traffic light takes a moment to get moving, don’t honk! This is not New York City.

    Tips For Living Local, Traffic Tips, LCT Team - Parks

  5. Yield to Funeral Processions
  6. Since we’re discussing traffic, might as well cover respect for the departed. Big or small Southern town, it is a moment of communion when we all pull over to allow a funeral procession to drive by. With car lights permanently on these days, you’ll now see hazard lights on in the procession and many funeral homes are giving out bright markers for the rearview mirror. It might seem antiquated but we’re all deserving of a little final kindness.

  7. Excessive Thank Yous
  8. Please and thank you are definitely good tools for fitting in as a local. You’ll hear a lot of thank yous that don’t make sense including thanking a person who doesn’t have what you’d like to purchase. You’ll get used to this. And, if you are feeling grumpy, you say it anyway especially to your elders. You may never embrace the yes ma’am and no sir, but the please and thank you are essential.

    Tips On Living Like A Local, Thank You Notes, LCT Team - Parks

  9. Open Doors For Everyone
  10. This is definitely not a male/female issue. Opening a door for the next person entering is just a nice gesture. You definitely want to help a person with packages in their hands, an expectant mother or parent wrangling a child. Once again, that small gesture benefits you as much as the person you’ve helped.

    Tip On Living Like A Local, Open Door, LCT Team - Parks

  11. Bring A Welcome Gift To Your New neighbor
  12. Hopefully, you received a sweet welcome gesture when you moved into your new home from a neighbor. (We know your Realtor gave you one!) It is also important for you to welcome your neighbor. Bring over cookies, homemade bread or some small token and don’t forget to write your name on a paper with your address for future reference. Moving day is very overwhelming and this makes it so much nicer!

    Tips On Living Like A Local, Welcome, LCT Team - Parks

  13. Smile
  14. Studies show smiling can trick your brain into happiness and boost your health. And, when you are on the phone, your smile can be felt by the person on the other end!

Welcome to Middle Tennessee!

From our inability to handle ice covered roads, taking off our hats at the national anthem or calling ever type of cold drink a “coke,” there are a lot of nuances about living in the South. Just know that we’re glad you are here, and we want you to help us keep that quality of life special.


LCT Team - Parks, Franklin, TN

The LCT Team – Parks considers it a privilege to help new Middle Tennesseans find the right home and community. Reach out to them today for any real estate assistance at 615.595.5883.
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