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Top Home Tips To Prepare for Spring Real Estate Market

The Middle Tennessee market has already been heating up for the LCT Team and our team of experts is sharing top tips for getting your home ready for the spring selling season – outside and inside.

Curb Appeal

“Literally stand at the front of your home by the curb and try to envision it as a first-time visitor with a discerning eye. Does the exterior need fresh mulch, an updated mailbox, painted shutters, and a new welcome mat? Did any shrubs die after last winter’s cold snap? Once you look at your exterior carefully, it will help you update and improve your curb appeal,” said Lisa. “April 20 is around the last frost date for the Nashville area. If you do go ahead and add bedding plants, be sure to cover them on cold, frosty nights.” Here are more tips on protecting your plants for spring from Homes and Gardens.

LCT Team Realtor Maile Stover likes to work with a local landscape company to help freshen up exteriors. “Working with someone helps give you a good, unbiased perspective on what needs to be a priority with your landscaping. Revamping it and making everything look as beautiful as possible gives the home great curb appeal,” she said.

Definitely trim bushes and shrubs and check out your exterior lighting, says LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas.

“Trim shrubs, bushes, and trees while also checking out your exterior lighting. Be sure you trim these, especially if they are blocking any windows. You want as much natural light flooding the home as possible. Also, be sure to clean your light fixtures, replace bulbs, and look for any dead bugs and spider webs. You want the exterior to feel fresh and inviting,” Amy said.

A huge impact is pressure washing your home, says LCT Team Realtor Megan Jones Campbell.

“Cleaning debris out of your gutters, pressure washing your exterior, and painting the fascia can have a big impact on how your home is viewed. A clean yard and home exterior can impact whether or not a potential buyer steps through the front door,” she said.

You can also have your driveway pressure washed, says LCT Team Realtor Beth Sturm, and you’ll be surprised at how great the results will be.

“When you pressure wash, you need to do more than just the home but the surrounding sidewalks and outdoor living spaces. It may also reveal trouble spots which need repairing or paint,” Beth said.

Interior Refresh Tips

The team consensus is predictable – declutter! Beth suggests a storage unit if necessary. Before you start the deep cleaning, edit your home, says Maile.

“Editing your home is huge in preparing for the spring market. Remove anything and everything which clutters the home. The edit can be the finite piece to getting your house ready and make buyers experience what the home could be feel like for them,” Maile said.

Once you’ve done the hard work of editing your furniture, accessories, and personal items, it’s time for a deep cleaning, which can also be helpful in catching anything that needs to be repaired or painted. The LCT Team are big proponents of keeping up with home maintenance monthly to save you bigger problems and expenses in the long run. Beth and Maile agree that painting can have a huge impact.

“It’s important to touch up the exterior of your home, but painting the interior is one of the biggest upgrades you can do when prepping your home for sale. Fresh paint gives your home a clean, updated look and the positive impression of a well-maintained home,” Maile said.

And, if you have any rooms which are very colorful, now is the time to neutralize these spaces, says Beth. Take a look at the LCT Team’s favorite neutral shades as we started leaning away from the grays in 2022.

Welcome the new season, says Amy, by incorporating fresh florals in your design, change out bed linens, and add some new candle scents. A fun refresh is adding spring-themed accessories to your home, says LCT Team Realtor Vickie Freas.

“After you’ve done the thorough cleaning and dusting from top to bottom, finish off your home interiors by adding some pretty spring pillows, fresh house plants, and accessories,” Vickie said. Check out some of our favorite local home stories here.

A professional home stager is a game-changer, says Beth. Ultimately, you need to work with a trusted Realtor to make the most of selling your home and buying a new one. Be sure you check out our previous blog on how to price your home and let us help you explore your home buying and selling opportunities in the Middle Tennessee area.

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