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We’re Back!

The proof is in the pudding… or in this case, the print – newsprint.  I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for the past several weeks: NOW IS THE TIME TO LIST YOUR HOME FOR SALE!  Realtor friends far and near have been experiencing the same buying boom that I’ve seen happening in Williamson County.  We’ve been talking about it in our realty chat rooms, gabbing about it over the water cooler… it’s felt like someone issued an unspoken proclamation that the tide is definitely turning from the dismal real estate news of the past several years to renewed sales growth and market activity.  Now, The Tennessean has published the latest Williamson County market statistics and it proves what we’ve been seeing and feeling.

Tiffany Cheuvront, executive vice president of the Williamson County Association for Realtors, sums it up quite nicely.  She’s quoted as saying, “All measurements of the housing statistics show marked improvements over the same period last year for Williamson County.”  Do you hear that, friends?  MARKED IMPROVEMENT!  Median sales prices of homes in Williamson County increased by over $50,000 from last year’s figures.  The number of days on the market decreased sharply from 100 days in February 2012 to 82 days last month.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I recently helped sell two homes that were on the market for ten days.  Another home sold in less than thirty.

Franklin took top prize in the “renewed real estate” race with 95 closings in the month of February.  Brentwood reported 45 closings and our friends in Spring Hill closed 35 sales.   Overall, 228 homes were sold in Williamson County in February.

So… it’s more than just a feeling – although I’m not afraid to admit that successful real estate professionals follow their hunches wisely.   The confidence we’ve been feeling is a real trend, bringing a stabilizing influence to the market that is buoyed by low interest rates and rising home prices.  Check out some of my newest listings here and give me a call if you’re ready to capitalize on this hot market!

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