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What Not To Do When Selling A Home

What Not To Do When Selling A Home, LCT Team - Parks, Franklin, TN

What Not To Do When Selling A Home, LCT Team - Parks, Franklin, TN

From pricing to home improvements, there are a lot of things you should not do when selling a home. Here’re our pro tips from our LCT Team of real estate experts and be sure and check out all LCT homes currently available.

Priorities On What Not To Do When Selling A Home

One of the most important things to not do when selling your home is to not overprice it says LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas.

The first step in pricing a home is to get a first-hand understanding of a home’s current condition, recent upgrades, to view the home from the eye of a potential buyer and then research comparable homes and recent sales says Amy. Click here for more details.

Big home improvement projects just prior to listing can also be a mistake and you won’t see the return on your investment says Realtor Ashley Burns. You also could run into problems getting a big project completed before your deadline for listing due to wait times says Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor. Ultimately, you don’t want to put off the big improvements and keep up with any home maintenance. We share a monthly home maintenance list in our newsletter, and you can click and subscribe here.

Home Prep Makes A Difference

You’ve probably seen smart lists of things you should do for a showing. Here’s our list of what not to do.

Smells and scents can be a real turn off. Realtor Megan Jones Campbell advises against air fresheners or plug in type devices because it makes people think you are trying to mask a smell. Also, definitely avoid cooking anything smelly while your home is on the market like cabbage says Lisa.

Realtor Vickie Freas also has a good donts list. “Don’t leave dirty clothes on the floor or toys. Don’t leave animals loose in the house. Definitely, don’t leave jewelry or documents laying out. And, don’t leave commode seats up,” Vickie said.

Consult With A Realtor

Be mindful of the money you are spending to get a house show ready advises Lisa. You definitely need to talk with a Realtor prior to selling to determine any home improvements priorities. “I’ve met with clients who think they have to replace carpets when a thorough cleaning was the best alternative. An objective opinion from a Realtor can really save you money,” Lisa said.

Thinking Of Buying Or Selling?

Once you’ve determined your home goal , the LCT Team would love to help you make this a possibility in the busy Middle Tennessee Home market and avoid all the donts! Consistently earning top team for Parks Realty, the Wall Street Journal RealTrends just announced in 2023 the LCT Team is #1 in Tennessee for Medium Team – Volume – as well as #20 in the nation. The LCT Team is known for commitment, professionalism and attention-to-detail as the team goes above and beyond to help buying and selling clients with an expansive real estate network and proven sales and marketing formula. Reach out today at 615-595-5883 and stay up-to-date on the latest via Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to the real estate and community news here.

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