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Williamson County – Franklin

Here’s my mantra for this post: think blog, not filibuster I’m repeating this as I type because I could write forever about why Franklin, Tennessee is such a fantastic place to buy a home and make a life Also, I should offer the disclaimer that Franklin is my home, so I’m not exactly an unbiased reporter In some ways, though, this makes me even more qualified to write about this unique, charming and completely wonderful town

We call Franklin a “town,” even though it’s approaching 75,000 residents, covers more than thirty square miles and is Williamson County’s county seat It’s actually the 7th largest city in Tennessee, but true Franklin-ites know that our hometown miraculously maintains its small town feel and charm And that, right there, is why Franklin is so magical Despite rapid growth in the past five years, the town has managed to maintain its historic roots, its deep connection to nature, and its friendly and welcoming ambiance

At the end of the Civil war, Franklin was the site of one of the Confederacy’s bloodiest and most disastrous battles This day long battle claimed over 20,000 lives and essentially destroyed the “Army of Tennessee” for the remainder of the war Several local homes, including Carnton Plantation and The Carter House were requisitioned as field hospitals to treat wounded soldiers Both sites are now protected by the National Historic Register and feature excellent tours for visitors, students and Franklin residents alike And, if you’re an avid reader, you might want to check out Robert Hick’s famous novel, The Widow of the South It’s based on the real life efforts of Carrie McGavock, Carnton’s mistress during the Battle of Franklin, to establish and maintain a cemetery for lost confederate lives Even today, Carnton Cemetery is the largest privately maintained military cemetery in the US

Franklin offers something for every homebuyer Whether you’re looking for a sprawling piece of property with a farm-like feel or a bustling neighborhood with close-knit communities, you will be able to find an affordable, well-built and beautifully maintained home And, despite the town’s growth, there is still room to build a new home in the ever popular neighborhoods of Westhaven, McKay’s Mill, Ladd Park and The Villages at Clovercroft

Fieldstone Farms and Sullivan Farms are two large, established neighborhoods that feature incredible resale value In fact, even during the economic downturn and real-estate “bubble-burst,” most of Franklin was relatively unaffected Interestingly, we did experience the economic rebound and the buying and selling of homes in Franklin is a booming business

Whether you buy a newer Franklin home or an older one, you’re sure to enjoy all of the shopping and dining that is found along Franklin’s charming Main Street Stepping onto this enchanting street feels like walking right into a Norman Rockwell painting Wide sidewalks stretch out before antique shops, upscale boutiques and some mighty fine restaurants, including some of my favorites, Grey’s and Wild Pony In the summertime, families flock to our locally owned and ever-bustling fro-yo shop, Sweet Cece’s As you meander with a cone or cup, you’ll pass by some incredible architecture, gorgeous churches with extensive stained glass and the recently refurbished and thriving Franklin Theatre Year round festivals, including spring’s Main Street Festival, fall’s Pumpkin Fest and December’s “Dickens of Christmas” are definitely events you won’t want to miss

Blog, not filibuster Blog, not filibuster I could truly go on and on and on about this captivating town that I’m lucky enough to live and work in, but I think I’ll let you peruse some of the links I included above I’ll leave you to dream of Franklin with this one anecdote, though…A colleague of mine moved here with her family twelve years ago They moved from New York City and she admits that she and her husband were nervous about leaving the Big Apple for a “tiny town” in Tennessee They had three young children and their Realtor advised them to search for homes in Williamson County because the public school system is so strong here and home appreciation is so consistent They settled into a home in a fantastic neighborhood, dug deep roots and give daily thanks that they were fortunate enough to land in Franklin In fact, when my colleague’s husband took a new job in Knoxville, they decided to stay in Franklin and let him commute They wanted to give their sons the gift of growing up in Franklin and graduating from their local high school, to be able to maintain friendships and connections and to be able to call this amazing town their forever home

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