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Williamson County – Nolensville

Here I thought I was all set to wrap up my Williamson County introduction and then I remembered: NOLENSVILLE. It was one of those “sit up in bed, middle of the night, I can’t believe I almost forgot that” moments. Nolensville is a lovely and supremely livable community located to the east of Franklin and Brentwood. ven five years ago, Nolensville was a blip on the real estate radar. With 9.5 square miles of an extremely rural (and gorgeous!) landscape, it was composed, primarily of farms and lots and lots of undeveloped land. And then, BOOM! Franklin got Nissan, Brentwood started to run out of new building space and Nolensville – the new Nolensville – was born.

It has experienced tremendous growth and I’ve been lucky enough to grow along with it. I’ve helped sell several homes in Nolensville and am getting ready to list another. That’s a very nice thing because homes in Nolensville are selling and they’re selling FAST! ere’s why… the website for the Nolensville chamber of commerce promotes their burgeoning town with the following tagline: COMMUNITY, HISTORY, PROXIMITY. Let’s take a closer look at those factoids (in reverse order, please!) and I think you’ll soon realize why Nolensville is so hot with home buyers right now. It’s amazing what a little eastern shove from Franklin and Brentwood did for this community that once felt like it was a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. hen Nissan announced plans to move their international headquarters to Franklin, the entire east side of Franklin exploded. From commercial to residential building to infrastructure… the town seemed to expand overnight.

One evening the old residents of Nolensville went to sleep with the crickets… the next morning they woke up with a lot of new neighbors. But, Nolensville was smart… they quickly figured out how to take advantage of new roads and quicker routes to Metro Nashville without losing their identity and now they are in the very enviable place of offering a quick commute to the big city and a slice of the sweet, country life when you come home.

Like most communities in Middle Tennessee, Nolensville is proud of its history. They embrace their “village” status and boast several homes that are listed on the National Historic Register. They have their share of civil war battle sites and down-home cookin’, but recently Nolensville has rediscovered itself as a dealer of southern antiquities. The old feed mill has been converted to an Amish Country market, where you can buy jellies, baked goods and other treasures. Morgenstern’s 1949, once the local creamery, now sells one of a kind items, many made by local craftsmen. Peacock Lane is one of my favorite shops in Nolensville. It’s discovered the perfect balance of quirky and traditional and sells everything from hand painted furniture to vintage jewelry. Oh, and once you buy your new home in Nolensville, you’re going to want to be sure to visit Raven’s Nest @ Cedarberry… the place is a home decorator’s dream come true!

It’s no mistake that Nolensville markets itself as a “community” before they mention their rich history and easy-peasy proximity to Nashville. It’s because that sense of community is pervasive and unifying. Nolensville residents – young and old, longtime residents and the newbies – are incredibly proud of their little town. They almost speak of it with reverence and a sense of gratitude. The secret of Nolensville’s greatness is totally out, so residents are embracing their new popularity while ensuring that the town grows with grace and keeps its eye firmly on a plan of preserving and enhancing the past as they embrace the future. Residents volunteer to run local events, including the uber-popular July 4th celebration and the Veteran’s Day Parade and Breakfast. With all this recent growth, several new schools – all with that important and highly desirable Williamson County Schools designation – have been built and are filling with new, young residents. In late 2014, Nolensville opened their newly renovated recreation center, part of the larger Williamson County Recreation Center family.
There you go, Nolensville… a little blog loving from me to you! I’m proud of you and the town you’re becoming and can’t wait to spend more time helping new WillCo residents find their forever home in your midst!

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