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Winter-Proof Home And Save Money

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The change of seasons is always fun unless your home isn’t properly prepared and winter-proofed which saves you money in the long run. Our team of real estate experts shares their top tips of protecting your home.

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New to the market and set for cold weather, this beautiful Franklin, TN home has new Sierra Pacific Aluminum Clad windows throughout. Click for home info.

Winter-Proof Home Tips

A recent insurance report shared the average homeowner spent $6,000 in 2022 on home repairs. Neglecting small repairs can really add up in the future if you neglect them.

Maintaining your home monthly can save you a ton of money in the long run says LCT Team Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor. “This is something we stress through our monthly tips we share in our newsletter,” she said. Subscribe here.

Fall begins next week and LCT Team Realtor Vickie Freas said now is the time to get ahead in weather proofing your home.

“September is a good time to take a visual tour of your house from roof to foundation and crawl space. Before the cold weather sets in, you will want to close crawl space vents so it holds in more heat and can prevent your pipes from freezing. Last December’s zero temps are not to be forgotten,” Vickie said. “Add a new layer of mulch to your shrubs and be sure you disconnect the hose from the outdoor spigots.”

Here’s a link to a great faucet cover which can offer additional protection.

LCT Team Realtor Meredith Zeller also agrees with fall prep and offers her quick list of tips.

“At the top of my list for getting your house ready for the colder weather would be to have the HVAC company come out and do maintenance and check your heat system. As you head from fall into winter, in addition to using a faucet cover, winterize the sprinkler system. Once the leaves are finished falling, definitely have a plan for removal,” Meredith said.

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From making sure windows are caulked to closing your crawl space vents, be prepared for the change of seasons like this beautiful home. Available in Franklin, click for details.

Gutters and Foundation – Water Issues

In Tennessee, water can be one of the biggest culprits of home damage. From roof to foundation, you want to take a look on a rainy day to see how water is being moved off and away from your home.

After having one of our rainiest springs and summers, fall weather can be compounded with leaves in the gutter. Be sure your roof and gutters are free from debris and consider gutter guards if yours are currently unprotected. This will also prevent pooling water in your gutters which can freeze in the winter causing additional damage.

After leaves fall is also a good time to remove any limbs or trees which are perilously close to your home preventing future problems.

Winter-Proof Home And Save Money

This beautiful new listing in Franklin, TN smartly has trees away from the perimeter. Click for home listing info.

Home Interior Protection

Before the cold weather hits is also a good time to make sure your windows are caulked and doors have intact weather stripping. Be sure you also double check the caulk around your baseboards.

If you love a wood-burning fireplace, now is the time to book an appointment for a chimney cleaning to remove built-up creosote and soot which can ignite. Don’t forget to change your smoke detector batteries fall and spring – use the time change as a reminder to do this.

For gas-burning fireplaces, the Family Handyman recommends every two years for occasional use and more often if used regularly. Here are their pro tips .

To extend the life of your HVAC, consider booking a spring and fall maintenance checkup. Change filters regularly and consider a smart thermostat. Air ducts are also essential to the operation of the HVAC system and should be cleaned every five years . Click for more tips.

Wondering About Your Home’s Value and Condition?

As Middle Tennessee real estate experts, we help you evaluate which home improvements will have long-term and/or short-term impact on the value of your home. Reach out today to discuss as well as help in understand the current real estate market. Consistently earning top real estate team for Parks Realty, 2023 Wall Street Journal RealTrends #1 in Tennessee for Medium Team – Volume – as well as #20 in the nation, the LCT Team – Parks is known for commitment, professionalism and attention-to-detail. We go above and beyond to help buying and selling clients with an expansive real estate network and proven sales and marketing formula so reach out today at 15-595-5883. Stay up-to-date on the latest via Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to the real estate and community news here.

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