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You Ask, I Answer!


I think I have summer brain. Or writer’s block. Or some combination of the two. I spent the better part of yesterday wracking my brain for a new blog topic. I even succumbed to the all-knowing, all-seeing power of Google. Did you know that there are blogs for people who don’t know what to blog about?? And there are an endless number of blogs about real estate. End. Less. After spending several hours researching topics and discarding each and every idea (I’ve written about it ad nauseum; it’s not relevant to our market; too fancy; too boring; to legalese; too kitschy), I took a break. I poured myself a glass of sweet tea, cuddled up with a fur-baby or twelve and took a deep breath. I told Oompa (yes, I talk to my pups… they’re awesome listeners!) that I wished I could reach through the interwebs and just ask my dear readers (you, YES YOU!) what you wanted me to write about. And then I realized, I can!

So… the power is in your hands. Simply reply in the comments section below (or on facebook or Instagram) and my minions will report back with all your burning questions. Ever wondered why new construction costs more than resale homes? Want to know what trends we’re watching in Middle Tennessee? Wonder what design upgrades will stand the test of time? Wish you had a list of electricians/plumbers/handymen? You ask, I’ll answer! GO! I standby with my fingers poised above my keyboard, ready and waiting to answer your questions about why we do what we do here at Team LCT and how you can maximize your real estate experience.

Check back next week as I begin this new series: YOU ASK, I ANSWER!

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