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2024 Home Trends

6083 Porters Union Way - Lot 416, Arrington, TN , LCT Team - Parks

Our annual home trends blog details smart, forward-thinking updates which can impact your home’s value today and tomorrow according to our LCT Team of real estate experts.

6083 Porters Union Way - Lot 416, Arrington, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This beautiful, move-in ready home is on the cutting edge of home building. From the smart team at Legend Homes, it is available in Hardeman Springs. Click for home details.

Selling Your Home In 2024

One of the top questions we get daily is should I sell my home now? The stock market has been crazy in the final quarter of 2023 due to the feds announcement of upcoming interest rates cut in 2024. In the past month, interest rates are moving downward due to market forces and in anticipation of the fed cuts. In the Middle Tennessee home market, the National Association of Realtors just release their top 10 markets for a pent-up demand for homes with Nashville/Murfreesboro/Franklin making this list. It’s something we know well as we work with local and out-of-state buyers to find a home. Be sure you click here to see all of our current listings.

LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas dug into the trends for 2024 on the this week’s podcast, Couture & Construction, with Andrew Denney of Textures. Click here as Amy shares her optimism for the 2024 home market and beautiful, new neighborhoods coming in 2024!

Home Updates

Painting your home’s interior or exterior remains the most cost-effective update for an existing home, LCT Team Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor shared in a recent interview with Forbes.

“If you purchase an existing home, the most cost-effective home improvement is updating paint. For new construction, an improvement which will give you the most bang for your buck can be adding trim details which are a subtle but impactful home improvement if done well,” Lisa said.

1223 Haber Dr, Brentwood, TN, LCT Team

Subtle touches of wood trim elevate the space of this beautiful home available in Brentwood and built by Domestic Builders. Click for details.

Exposed wood is also warming up homes and adding texture to interiors and exteriors of homes Lisa said.

“People are added warmth to their homes by leaning away from cool grays and heading back to light earth tones and softer beiges. Adding wood accents on the outside and inside of homes is also current trend we are seeing with both color and textures,” she said.

1807 Kimbark Dr (Lot 2), Nashville, TN, LCT Team - Parks

Built by Carbine & Associates in the new Nashville neighborhood, the Enclave at Kimbark, this home has exposed wood adding definition and interest to the open concept space. Click here for home information.

A new neutral is on the horizon say LCT Team Realtors Amy Pappas and Kristen Carbine. With interiors of homes, I see green still having a moment says Amy.

“I think green will continue to be used a lot in 2024 for accent walls, smaller rooms and cabinets. Warmer organic tones are very on trend right now, and people have embraced green as a beautiful accent to a space. Retreat by Sherwin Williams is an example of a popular green paint color being used in homes in multiple spaces including kitchens and primary bedrooms. It’s described as muted green with blue-gray undertones and is very pretty,” Amy said.

649 Brook Hollow Rd, Nashville, TN, LCT Tea - Parks

The study or home office is a welcoming and inspiring space! Learn more about the home available in West Meade here.

Currently building her personal home in Williamson County, Kristen was looking for a fresh neutral that wasn’t black or gray.

“After a lot of research on trends, I wanted to select a forward-thinking exterior color for my personal home. I found a gorgeous green which I call a happy, versatile neutral, Sherwin Williams Cast Iron. It’s described as a cool dark green heavily seasoned with slate gray adding a rich, saturated flavor. It looks great with stucco, stone, cypress and cedar accents. At the end of the day, I want to come home to a color that’s not a black or a white but a balanced moody green and definitely makes me happy,” Kristen said.

Healthy Home Trends

If a healthier new year is one of your resolutions for 2024, be sure a healthy home is on the list too and we have a few suggestions.

The home gym continues to be a smart feature for everyday use. Make this space flexible where it could be used as a gym, home office or guest room. For new construction, be sure to add a bathroom and a closet.

9155 Saddlebow Dr, Brentwood, TN, LCT Team - Parks

This pretty home, available in Brentwood, has gorgeous outdoor living spaces and a home gym. Contact Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor for more info today at 9615-775-3830.

Infrared saunas and cold, plunge pools, about the size of a hot tub, are also a new trends for homes says Lisa. Whole house water filtration systems is something LCT Team Realtor Meredith Zeller is seeing with her clients.

“Not only does it filter drinking water, but all water in the home. People are becoming more aware of the contaminants in tap water that are harmful if you drink them but are also absorb through your skin even while showering! I think we are going to see these filtration systems become very much in demand,” Meredith said. “ I have had one on my personal home for years. We recently had to remove it to replace a part. We have been without it for a couple of weeks while the part is on back order and noticed a huge difference in how strong the chlorine smell is without the system.”

A cost-effective idea is to add a natural purifier to your home with a Snake Plant. Originating from the desert lands of Africa, Asia, and Madagascar, the Snake Plant is the most resilient of all houseplants and thrives under any condition including a forgetful plant owner. The Golden Snake Plant is a master air-purifier, removing allergens and toxins from the air breathed impacting our health in an economical way.

Finally, take charge of your herbs and vegetables by growing your own! You can carve out a spot for a kitchen garden or use a raised garden bed if animals are a concern or your knees! Shop local and check out Get Growing Nashville’s cedar raised garden beds handcrafted in Franklin, Tennessee using locally sourced cedar.

704 Calmore Ct, Nolensville, TN, LCT Team - Parks

The quality of your cooking can be greatly improved by a kitchen garden or a raised garden bed. This beautiful home is available in Nolensville with plenty of space for a garden. Click here for info.

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