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2022 Realtors’ Home Color Predictions, LCT Team - Parks, Franklin, TN

2022 Realtors’ Home Color Predictions

The colors of the year have now been announced by national paint companies and we are going to share the LCT Team – Parks 2022 exterior and interior home color predictions. 2022 Home Colors Of The Year Each year is it fun to see nat...

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Top Home Features Realtors Want, LCT Team - Parks, Franklin, TN

Top Home Features Realtors Want

There are so many lists of must-have home features that we’re sharing our LCT Team- Parks list of favorites. See what you think! An open concept, updated kitchen, fireplace and great locations are some of the top elements the LCT ...

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Must Have Swimming Pool Design Elements, LCT Team - Parks, Photo by Reed Brown

Must Have Swimming Pool Design Elements

Living in the South, Swimming pools are a popular home feature, especially during the pandemic, and LCT Team – Parks home experts share must have swimming pool design elements. This Trace Construction home, sold by the LCT Team ...

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12 Home Parts You Never Knew Had A Name

12 Home Parts You Never Knew Had A Name

As Middle Tennessee real estate and home experts, the LCT Team – Parks have seen so many unusual building elements that we wanted to share 12 home parts you never knew had a name! Exterior Parts of A House You Never Knew Had A Name ...

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Clever Products For A Smarter Home

Spending more time in our homes has inspired us to create prettier interiors so why not make it a smarter home with these great ideas from the LCT Team – Parks’ real estate experts. A well-designed home deserves some smart technology...

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Favorite Home Decor Stores, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team – Parks’ Favorite Home Stores

Supporting local businesses has become even more important in 2020, and, there are so many inspiring home stores that we’re sharing some of the LCT Team – Parks’ favorites. Favorite Downtown Franklin Home Stores – Support Local...

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Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces, LCT Team - Parks Realty

Creating Dreamy Outdoor Living Spaces

From water features and covered porches to cozy sitting areas with all-weather fabric, creating dreamy outdoor living spaces is a great way to add lifestyle and entertaining options to a home. The experts of the LCT Team – Parks share the...

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What’s Trending In Kitchens?

When it comes to kitchens, some features are classic and unchanging, but colors, appliances and kitchen design are bursting with creative choices. Here are some of the top trending kitchen ideas from our LCT Team of experts. Color – Tren...

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